William Almonte | Advantages and Uses Of Recruitment Agency

The current industrial sector has seen a boom in trade; therefore there has been a marked increase in infrastructure. Such an increase in trade also requires the manpower to cope with the humongous amount of production that is needed to cope with demands of the fast flowing market.


According to William Almonte, Demands of product demands an increase in infrastructure which in turn demands the manpower to operate the infrastructure, and the vast pool of human resource makes it nearly impossible to do so effectively without expending additional resources and devoting additional manpower to the cause. Such situations are not only cumbersome but also undesirable to the functioning of the industry in a smooth manner. However without hiring additional personnel, production too cannot be increased. This is a unique and a problematic situation for all the companies expanding their business and this is where a recruitment or a hiring agency comes in and fill in the shoes of an effective recruiter in exchange for a service fee.

Advantages and uses:

  • Employers assistance- The recruitment agency serves as a bridge between the employer and the employee. As quoted by William Almonte Mahwah, The agencies involved in recruitment provide the perfect sorted base of prospective and desirable employees by separating the ‘cream from the curd’ and ordering candidates on qualifications that each specific company desires saving both time and money for the employer.
  • Creating a job market- The current job market is not abound with jobs and vacancies all across the varying sectors, but this has been capably managed by the recruitment agencies as they have managed to order the process of recruitment by proper management of the available human resource. Many people owe their jobs to the recruitment agency who on the candidate’s behalf explores all option for him based on his qualifications.
  • Proper placement- A recruitment agency not only creates and manages a database of prospective employees but also manages the vacancies for companies. The very process of sorting creates systematic and categorised candidates who possess different qualifications that are accordingly categorised. This helps the agency place the proper candidate in the proper position as the reputation of the agency is also linked with the base of employee it provides. This creates a very balanced, carefully analysed and deserving job prospects benefitting both the employers and the employee.

Thus as we can see, the advantages of such a sector are many. It essentially creates a buffer zone between the company and the candidate focalising on ease of mobility in an orderly and economic fashion.

The current job market have been smoothen out by the services provided by the recruitment agency and has promoted many leaps in the industry. The importance of such an agency has been recognised by many and therefore there is a lot of deliberation going on at the present to organise this lucrative sector into standardised machinery. If done with proper care and planning, such an industry may become one of the top giants in the business sector.

William Almonte – Recruitment Agencies and Their Importance

Acting as a bridge between an employer and a candidate, recruitment agencies do play a vital role in employment procedure. Their functional area includes finding a suitable and competent candidate, who meets the expectation of an employer. Employers seeking candidates for their organization take the help of these recruitment agencies. For all these things to work out correctly, the agencies start off with advertising jobs. Advertisement eases the effort of finding right candidates ceasing the possibility of meeting incompetent candidates. A relentless process of shortlisting of candidates takes place, negating the chances of any unfair recruitment.


According to William Almonte, the essential qualities that a successful recruiter must possess are confidence, insight fulness in recruiting candidates, planning and execution, maintaining screening employees for select attributes.

The screening and testing of the candidates

Many staffing firms conduct screening and testing of the candidates, easing the task for companies to look for competent employees. Most staffing firms are not concerned about the candidate’s background and reference but check them under compulsion of various tests including typing, specific technical skills, problem solving and customer service skills, etc. William Almonte Manwah said, “The task of the recruiter is cut in between research and communication. They have to filter his available options from the vast pool of potential candidates of the job market and make a strong bond of friendship with the selected candidates.”

HR nowadays are little relieved

HR are relieved of the burden to look and go through irrelevant and random resumes, saving their time, and they can put themselves into some more important issue. An excellent recruiting agency takes care of all the hassle and brings forth some perfectly competent candidate for a personal interview with a company.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies work in various ways making them a wise choice for both the companies and the candidates. For the candidate’s beneficial part, most of the agencies have a good relationship with the best employers, and this makes the candidates get exclusive access to the appropriate jobs. Moreover, the candidates get to know about many such jobs of which they had not even given a thought about. On the flip side, the employers come across many talented and competent candidates without the hassle of going through tons of resumes, which eases their work and saves time and money. More than that, the recruitment agency provides clients with a whole cycled or full-fledged service that takes off many miscellaneous facilities from the shoulder. This becomes one of the greatest pluses for clients when it comes to having a smooth experience while carrying out the recruitment process.

Advantages of recruitment agencies

The best recruiters will have their control over the market and provide the hiring team with an insight into what is happening around, this makes the employer know how and when to reach out for the suitable candidate. Some candidates may not be active in the job portals, but then they can be found through the recruitment agencies leaving no blank spot. Good recruiters make sure that they do not let competent candidates slip away.

William Almonte – 5 Simple Tweaks to Get Appointed in Staff Agency

No matter how vivid your recommendations and how impressive your credentials are, convincing becomes a major criteria for you when you go for an interview. And on top, if you have a staffing agency interview, then you should definitely consider a couple of things dissimilar to the typical traditional job interviews. So, before you prepare yourself for a staffing interview, the reminder is, interviews are the mode to all kinds of information about you that is offered to your future boss. Whether you are prompt or courteous or professional or eloquent or engaging, your future boss will know it through the interview itself. So what will you look for before stepping into a staffing interview session? Read on and understand the necessities.


Top 5 Tweaks to Know about Giving Staff Agency Interviews

Irrespective of whether or not you are actively active in this massive job market, the process of any job interview is little challenging. After all, the place you are going to give your interview is unknown and the people too. So, in any way, going for a job interview is not a matter of joke, says William Almonte. And when it comes to staff agency interviews, then you are bound to follow the below-mentioned points in order to highlight your name in front of your would-be-boss. Know more by reading the below-mentioned points elaborately.

  1. Before you go for the staff agency interview, you need to remind yourself that a job is a job. So whether it is for six weeks or for six years, everyone wants to see their employees dressed accordingly. So as per William Almonte Mahwah, when you go for a staffing firm interview you will have to make sure to show up on time and you are dressed well.
  2. Talking about the dress, interviewers always love appealing job oriented dress codes followed by the people coming for interviews. So, in no way is any staffing agency different from other posts. You might opt for a simple button down shirt along with a pair of the well-fitted pants.
  3. After arriving at the right time, you must not show up with little excuses as to why you are working short term. Instead, you need to know that your interviewer wants to know the elaborated answer to this question. So answer rightly and then proceed with the session.
  4. You must always be ready to represent. Meaning, that apart from being experienced and having compensation goals, you must also represent yourself as the right kind of employee for the clients. Remember that your interview with the agency is a rehearsal for a specific future job.
  5. Lastly, you must be prepared to answer any kind of question concerning the staffing industry. Know yourself and have all the answers ready. Remember that stammering is not a good aspect when you are inside the interview room. So get ready with these five points.

The Final Words

Now that you have already been offered with the five tips of giving staff agency interviews, make sure nothing far troubles you. For more guides like this, stay tuned right here.

William Almonte – Best Ways to Choose a Good Recruitment Agency

In today’s world, a proper staffing and recruitment agency is fundamental to the success of a corporate organization. A proper recruitment firm not only improves a company’s recruitment process, but it also respects and understands its role in the recruitment process. Confidentiality and privacy are the two main aspects of this matter.


William Almonte believes that irrespective of whether a person is a fresher or experienced candidate, he can always earn success through the guidance of a proper recruitment agency. Consulting the right agency is crucial to success, and that require keeping specific points in mind.

Things to keep in mind in choosing a recruitment agency

  • Before contacting a recruitment agency, a candidate may check with fellow mates and acquaintances the recruitment agencies they have previously used. It is always advisable to go and opt for an agency of which certain prior knowledge is accessible to the candidate. Another way for selecting a recruitment agency is through online search. Browsing the internet and online search is advised in this respect.
  • High-quality recruits are easily selected by companies. So, if candidates are high in aptitude and other professional skills, they should apply in as many reputable recruitment agencies as they can.
  • Certain agencies have a niche area of specialization. So candidates must verify which industry they are applying for and whether that match with the niche.
  • While outsourcing the hiring process, picking the right recruitment agency requires patient checking of the agency’s specialty and claim to fame and deciding based on the same factor. Some agencies claim to have notched their success streaks in as many industries as the market’s breadth, while others claim to focus mainly on one particular sector. It is up to the concerned organization whether to select those who specialist in multiple fields or the unique one industry based agency. Sometimes, it is rewarding to go for the solitary representative, as it will possess a higher degree of efficiency compared to rival agencies.
  • The company which meets the enrollment and business needs and adequately understands the requirements will be most likely to give desirable results.


Importance of permanent enlistment position

Visiting websites, reviewing portfolios alongside different research give a proper picture of the agency. William Almonte Mahwah suggests verifying the data provided on the websites before assigning them the task of recruitment and not give preference to brief registration but place their chip on permanent enlistment positions.

Existence in the Social Media Domain

The recruiting farms which are well experienced and extensive in their recruiting process must be given preference over others. Certain companies use strong social media connections for their popularity. Choosing this type of company is beneficial.


The relationship of the company-recruiter duo must be as strong as the recruiter-candidate duo. Screening applications, recruiting the right candidate for the right position and posting adverts in print and online media on behalf of the company- all these things require certain abilities to execute these jobs properly. So, these factors must be worked on by the company-agency duo before the recruitment process begins. Hence the proper selection of an agency is fundamental to the success.

William Almonte – Is the Modern Recruitment System Making any Difference for The Job Seekers?

Recruiting is one of the most challenging tasks in an organization. Over the period of years, with the advent and proliferation of the computers, the World Wide Web, and the social media the process of hiring employees have undergone a sea-change just like any other aspects in life. Both the job seekers and employers have a wide range of opportunities to pick and choose from their probable requirements. The traditional methods of seeking jobs are being used less by the job seekers. Likewise, the employers have developed a modern set up of recruiting that involves software, portals and the social media.

William Almonte

A quick overview of the traditional recruiting methods

  • NewspapersOne of the oldest forms of communication, newspapers are used by job seekers for looking up vacancies.
  • Employment agencies Employment agencies maintain a list of recruiters and candidates looking for employment. Job seekers go to the agencies and apply or interview for jobs through them.
  • Internal hiringEmployers promote the already existing employees present in the organization.

Modern methods of recruiting and how does it work?

According to William Almonte, CEO of Titan Staffing Systems,  the knowledge-based recruiting method is an advantageous and ongoing dynamic method that is beneficial for both the employers and job seekers. Modern methods of recruiting are mainly of two types- knowledge-based and online or E-recruiting.

  • Knowledge-based- Here recruiters maintain a database of the potential employers. A person may not be available to take a job. They can be tracked later. The database is updated continuously and monitored.
  • E-recruiting- The use of the internet and modern technology is used by both the parties seeking employees and employers. The job seekers upload their resume on the internet. Recruiters again use the internet to access these and later get in touch with the potential candidates.

Are the modern methods of recruiting advantageous to the job seekers?

The answer to this question is most definitely a big yes! Now organizations have their own website and social media accounts. The job seekers can get in touch with the employers directly. This eliminates the inclusion of third parties like temp employment agencies. According to William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, the modern methods are thus cheaper and save a lot of time.

Also, the internet has made it easier for the job seekers to deem the credibility and profile of an organization. Many websites have to review and marking systems. Many organizations have a dubious reputation. Job seekers can verify the credentials and advantages of employment.

Advantages of the modern recruiting system

  • It is cheap and less time-consuming.
  • A healthy relationship is developed between the recruiters and job seekers.
  • Easier communication through social media, emails and SMSs
  • Candidates can give their feedback on various websites and portals. This again helps the other job seekers.
  • The use of smartphones has made it easier to apply and interview for job positions.

To sum it up, the modern recruiting system has a lot of plus for the job seekers. The youth of today depend upon social media and the internet more than the traditional methods, when seeking employment.So, Job seekers worry not options are on your way! Float your resumes on the internet and sit tight in your recliners with smartphones in hand!

What Are The Steps The Recruiters Follow in Recruitment Process?

The increases of the industries and the high-ambitious candidates are the results of the growth of the recruitment agencies as well. In the competitive market, these agencies are making their place secure by providing suitable jobs to the candidates and satisfying the company.

William Almonte

If you are a deserving candidate and finding a suitable job, then you can take help of the recruiting agencies who have a healthy contact with the firms in various sectors. The recruiters follow certain rules while hiring the candidates to understand their quality and efficiency. If they find it perfect, then the candidate can be hired by the company. Apart from the recruiting agencies, there is always a recruitment department in every firm, and the recruiters follow their internal recruiting process in this case.

When you are going to start searching job, then you should know that you have to go through the recruiting process and most of the fresher have no idea about the process. There are some details of the process that can help you to build up a successful career in future.

The process for hiring candidates

According to the renowned business person William Almonte, recruiting process is not very complicated if you understand it in a right way. The recruiters of the companies follow their vacancies, and accordingly, they find some job applications from which they shortlist the candidates applied for the vacant posts only.

  • The recruiters firstly go through the applications and the qualifications of the candidates and accordingly they select some of them.
  • The candidates are called, and they are tested by the recruiters to know their ability and knowledge for the applied post.
  • Then the selected candidates are called for an interview where their smartness and presentations are observed by the recruiters.
  • The references and the backgrounds of the selected candidates are checked by the recruiters in detail.
  • After going through these processes, the candidate is selected by the recruiters and sent them for the medical tests.

The methods of recruitment are done by the recruiters very consciously, and you should always remember that they are finding the candidates who are beneficial to the company. The quality and the efficiency of the candidates are checked very minutely to give the benefit to the candidates and the companies at the same time. William Almonte says that the recruiters should have the skills to understand and study the candidates and select the best one from the lot. In the competitive world, everyone is running behind the career, and the recruiters should have the good contact with the high-quality candidates who are finding a perfect job so that they can be sent to the various companies according to their qualifications. The recruiters also need to be fast and spontaneous while contacting the companies or the candidates. They should have detail information about the candidate and the companies at the same time. These recruiters are like the bridge between the candidates and the companies, and they need to satisfy both.

How to Make the Most out of Recruitment Agencies?

In this tough competitive world, coming across good opportunities and finding yourself a very good job is certainly not a cake walk if you are a candidate. Landing up a job at a reputable organization at times becomes easy by fluke, but most often than not it is no doubt a hard task. Hence recruiting firms are one such medium which can fulfill the initial stage of the battle of your career by getting you a suitable job.

William Almonte

According to William Almonte, since the employer companies are outsourcing job seekers via recruiting agencies, it is opening a great opportunity for candidates. It would be a great decision to seek help from one such firm for the candidates who aspire to become a professional in their career.

Therefore there are few things that you should consider while making the most out of recruitment firms as per William Almonte. Since he has been a professional in this industry, his pieces of advice are noteworthy for every job seeker. They are briefly discussed underneath to make you understand what you should do to extract the best from the recruiting firms.

The Types of Recruiting Firms

Basically, the recruiting firms have two categories, one is the specialists, and other is generalists. The former looks for candidates in specific domains, such as accounting, marketing, or back office, etc. And the latter usually have their search open for all types of jobs, within a particular geographical area. Now, it solely depends on you and your requirement as to which one to choose for helping you land a good job.

Shop Around

Here at the second stage, you have to use your shopping skills a bit, as you have to look around before selecting the best. You have to gather sufficient information about the firm’s reputation in the market, its clients, performance record, and feedback of other candidates if possible before signing up with them. The way recruiting firms and companies will go through several candidates before hiring the suitable ones; likewise, you too have to browse a little bit.

Be Specific

The specification is the most important thing that you have to do to save both of your time and energy. Make it clear to them about the type of job you are looking for, salary expectation, and also reveal your true skills to them. It will help them find the close match for you without wasting time getting irrelevant suggestions.

Good Rapport

Building a good rapport is part of the task that you have to do no matter what, to bring out the best from them. The more good relationship you would form with them, the better they will give their best to get you a good placement.

Including the above-mentioned efforts, you also have to stay in regular contact with them and make sure to leave a good impression upon them. Remember that first impression always tends to last longer. Hence to get the most benefit from an agency you also have to give a little effort on your side.

What is The Current Market Size of Staffing Industry?

The staffing industry is one of the main industries to be mingled with corporate business. Staffing is one of the most diverse industries. It has grown from the narrow phase for providing talents for filling the different vacancies of companies. This is a major industry that supplies human resource to every type of business.

According to William Almonte, expert recruiter, on an average 71% of staffing and recruitment firms is experiencing growth from 2015. On 2016 the staffing industry has gone through numerous changes and with the onset of 2017, it’s expected to go through numerous changes as well. On 2017 more than 91% recruitment firms are expected to see more than 10% growth.

How staffing industry is growing?

Much of the growth of the staffing industry depends on the expanding client relationship. The growth of the staffing industry is one of the every important focus of the corporate industry as staffing is one of the predominant sectors. Staffing is the fuel of industries that can make any particular industry evolve and grow. Without staffing any industry can’t prosper because without proper staffing the growth of any industry will go downward. As without fresh talent, there will be no fuel to take things further. Continuously involving fresh talent should be one of the main concerns of every industry.

As per William Almonte on 2016 staffing industry in every developed and developing countries have grown continuously. Like in Canada in 2015 the staffing industry had a total market size of 8.5 billion dollars, and as per economists and experts, the growth is about to reach 8.9 billion dollars in 2017.

What is the current situation of staffing industry worldwide?

US Staffing industry is one of the main staffing industry globally. US staffing industry revenue will rise by more than 7% in the coming year to bring revenue. The record mark of 142.4 billion will be reached on 2017 by staffing industry analysts report. The estimated growth of the staffing industry is growing in a swift manner. Despite the fact that the economics of the US is slow growing, but the staffing industry is ever growing.

In today’s employment market employers are increasingly being recruited for the betterment of the industry. The main reason behind the growth of staffing industry is many capable and reputed recruitment agencies in the market who are continuously working for the betterment of the recruitment industry. These agencies have the main function to feed other industries with fresh talents continuously.

End talk

Ironically the recruitment industry isn’t resistant to pressure and the continuous influence of supplying fresh talent to numerous industries is growing day by day. In this ever expanding situation, the headhunting industry is increasingly focusing on retention of the main motto behind the recruitment that is searching for fresh talents to stuff those talents in the relevant industry. The main resistance against the building pressure of providing talents is relevancy. Without relevancy, no recruitment agency can survive the increasing pressure. Only by proving relevant talents to industries the staffing industry can experience continuous growth and which is inevitable for the growth of other related industries as well.

Some Recruitment Trend of 2017 That Are Going To be big Hit

Some recruitment trend of 2017 that are going to be big hit

Get some information about business owners’ top difficulties for 2016 — the chances are great that holding on to good employees and recruiting will feature on the list, at the top. Keen organizations realize that they are just on par with their best employees, and will organize searching for the most elite for their associations.How Are Your Follow Up Skills - William Almonte












As innovation keeps on developing, it assumes an undeniably vital part in the way organizations, approach the ability and the employing procedure. Enlisting chiefs and HR specialists shared their contemplations on the eventual fate of enrolling and what’s upcoming for this imperative territory of business operations. According to William Almonte, the recruiting trends of the coming years will be different. The ways and strategies will all be modified keeping the latest trends into consideration.

  1. Decay in Steady Full-Time Employments

Though the trend has already started, the percentage of youngsters opting out of the regular and full-time occupation has been on the rise. According to speculations, this trend will become even stronger. With the decline in full-time employment, people will invest their skills in temporary and part-time jobs and thus, recruiters will get more candidates.

  1. Referrals Rule

If you take a closer look at the recruitment market, you will see that about 40 percent of the recruitments are done on the referral basis. According to surveys, all the candidates, who are referred, are likely to get the job. This restricts from more able candidates from getting the jobs just because they do not have any referral. William Almonte said that in 2017, many changes will be made in the referral rule. This will not only secure the path for able candidates to land the job but will also make sure that undeserving candidates are not getting referred.

  1. Transparency Increases

Earlier, the recruiters used to ask all the questions. But in the coming years, the recruiters will also face queries from the applying candidates. With the advancements in the tech world, the candidates like to secure all information about the business organizations before applying or accepting the job offer. This has increased the rate of transparency between the two parties.

  1. Hiring Executives Conduct Their Personal Screening

Even though the candidates have a strong referral from someone else, the bosses will also take tests to satisfy their parameters before handing over the offer letter. The person who has referred you must have put in a few good words on your behalf. But it is better to have a strong online presence and take care to advertise your brand value in front of the bosses.

  1. Candidate Experience is a Priority

Last but not the least; the bosses will give importance to the skills and the experience of the candidates. Giving weight to everything else but the skills will not do any good for you.

Thus, the above-mentioned trends will reshape the future of the job scenario. It is better for both the interviewer and the interviewee in being prepared for the days to come.

7 Insights on Being an Entrepreneur

William Almonte - 7 Insights on Being an Entrepreneur


Due to the rapid rate of globalization, many new avenues have opened up in front of the younger generations. They are not taking the tried and tested path to success and showing an inclination towards making their mark, on their terms. This is why the field of business sees so much boom in such a short span.

According to William Almonte, it is very important for the young entrepreneurs to select the field in which they want to operate. There is no dearth of business ideas but making it click is a tricky task. Apart from hard work, one needs to have a very good understanding of the market.


7  Understandings that will help you in doing better

If you are the head of an establishment, a lot of responsibilities are riding on your shoulders. Your list of priorities must include the betterment of the business, development of the employees and last but not the least making a profit. Calculated steps must be taken to reach the goals. The following seven insights will assist an entrepreneur in achieving his or her aim:

  1. Having a mentor

To succeed in the business venture, the entrepreneur must be open to any new suggestions. Learning is a continuous process, and you must have the zeal to know about the new things, which are happening in the market. You will never be able to survive for long with rigid principles.

  1. Sharing opportunities

Sharing ideas and new possibilities with your partners and employees is the key to succeeding in the business sector. If you are working in collaboration with others, it is best to keep them posted about the new ideas and opportunities coming your way. This will only assist you in getting better results.

  1. Getting over fears

Fear is an element that you need to shun from your mind. Taking risks is a must if you want to succeed in business. Fears and predispositions will only prevent you from breaking out of the cocoon of stereotypical ways. Innovation is a must.

William Almonte - 7 Insights on Being an Entrepreneur


      4. Meeting social responsibilities

When you are living and operating in the society, it is your duty to give something back to it, for its betterment. Every entrepreneur must take a proactive stand in fulfilling all social obligations.

  1. Improving the market

According to William Almonte Mahwah, you will not be able to flourish as an entrepreneur as long as the market is bad. When the market is down, you will not be able to rope in customers and thus, making a profit will be difficult. So, every business head should strive to improve the market situations.

  1. Shun discouraging feelings

Mishaps and misfortunes are a part of life. The loss of the business is not uncommon. But you cannot let these hurdles disappoint you. Thus, it is best to keep all thought of discouragement at bay.

  1. Telling the story

The stands at bookstores are filled with the autobiographies and biographies of successful business magnets. Telling their story will not only promote the brand in a subtle way but will also encourage the upcoming business person to take much-needed guidelines from the books.

Vision is the most important element that a business person must have. It will not only help you in being successful in the venture but will also save your skin in case of any misfortunes. Guessing the future trend of the market is imperative if you want success in the business arena.