William Almonte – How To Find a Good Recruiter In Present Times?

Finding the best recruiter, which matches the personality, profile and professional requirements can be little difficult under the circumstances. If you want to give your company a new height of success, then making it absolutely amazing would be great for you. Eventually, you require finding the good recruiters so that they can help you to search some good employees as well. One of the best times to find one is while you are actually employed. Locating one at this specific time permits you to be more specific. Building the great relationship with the recruiter will surely take some time and effort so this is very significant to find the right person from the beginning as well.

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Finding the right recruiter

You may require contacting several recruiters’ right before you find the good match. This is extremely vital to be absolutely discreet at this point. You do not really want the word to get out that you are seriously looking or to be contacted by the recruiters on the prowl for new clients and customers. This is never too early to cultivate the recruiter relationship. Try to keep in mind that this specific procedure can be quite a daunting task when you are absolutely a new expert and then do not even have the career track record as well.

Find a recruiter even before you require one

According to William Almonte, your initial contact must serve to the recruiter get to know you and you know them. You really have to make sure that you both understand that this is an initial meeting so you will not be bombarded with unwanted calls or jobs until you are actually seeking a position. If the ideal position comes along, make this very clear that that this would be suitable to contact you, but that you will notify them when you are actually looking to make the change. If the recruiter calls you continually with “positions” that are not suitable, you seriously require to move on. In your consultation along with your recruiter you must share your talents, career plans as well as goals. The cover conditions like being unable to relocate.

Find a recruiter who are specialized

In recent times, William Almonte Mahwah has stated that the recruiters are very specialized. You really want one, which knows the business, rather one, which has some longevity in this specific field. If you are also active in the industry, eventually you will either meet the recruiter or one will contact you. You have to be sure and then do your homework too. Try to check out the recruiter’s credentials.

When you will check out the recruiter’s references, you will have to ask that how long this took to be placed and what the relationship of the recruiter was like. Try to ask all the recruiter to offer you along with the information and articles that they have written or prepared. Try to check out the website of the recruiter as well. You can also ask for the references of people they have placed.

William Almonte | Advantages and Uses Of Recruitment Agency

The current industrial sector has seen a boom in trade; therefore there has been a marked increase in infrastructure. Such an increase in trade also requires the manpower to cope with the humongous amount of production that is needed to cope with demands of the fast flowing market.


According to William Almonte, Demands of product demands an increase in infrastructure which in turn demands the manpower to operate the infrastructure, and the vast pool of human resource makes it nearly impossible to do so effectively without expending additional resources and devoting additional manpower to the cause. Such situations are not only cumbersome but also undesirable to the functioning of the industry in a smooth manner. However without hiring additional personnel, production too cannot be increased. This is a unique and a problematic situation for all the companies expanding their business and this is where a recruitment or a hiring agency comes in and fill in the shoes of an effective recruiter in exchange for a service fee.

Advantages and uses:

  • Employers assistance- The recruitment agency serves as a bridge between the employer and the employee. As quoted by William Almonte Mahwah, The agencies involved in recruitment provide the perfect sorted base of prospective and desirable employees by separating the ‘cream from the curd’ and ordering candidates on qualifications that each specific company desires saving both time and money for the employer.
  • Creating a job market- The current job market is not abound with jobs and vacancies all across the varying sectors, but this has been capably managed by the recruitment agencies as they have managed to order the process of recruitment by proper management of the available human resource. Many people owe their jobs to the recruitment agency who on the candidate’s behalf explores all option for him based on his qualifications.
  • Proper placement- A recruitment agency not only creates and manages a database of prospective employees but also manages the vacancies for companies. The very process of sorting creates systematic and categorised candidates who possess different qualifications that are accordingly categorised. This helps the agency place the proper candidate in the proper position as the reputation of the agency is also linked with the base of employee it provides. This creates a very balanced, carefully analysed and deserving job prospects benefitting both the employers and the employee.

Thus as we can see, the advantages of such a sector are many. It essentially creates a buffer zone between the company and the candidate focalising on ease of mobility in an orderly and economic fashion.

The current job market have been smoothen out by the services provided by the recruitment agency and has promoted many leaps in the industry. The importance of such an agency has been recognised by many and therefore there is a lot of deliberation going on at the present to organise this lucrative sector into standardised machinery. If done with proper care and planning, such an industry may become one of the top giants in the business sector.

William Almonte – Recruitment Agencies and Their Importance

Acting as a bridge between an employer and a candidate, recruitment agencies do play a vital role in employment procedure. Their functional area includes finding a suitable and competent candidate, who meets the expectation of an employer. Employers seeking candidates for their organization take the help of these recruitment agencies. For all these things to work out correctly, the agencies start off with advertising jobs. Advertisement eases the effort of finding right candidates ceasing the possibility of meeting incompetent candidates. A relentless process of shortlisting of candidates takes place, negating the chances of any unfair recruitment.


According to William Almonte, the essential qualities that a successful recruiter must possess are confidence, insight fulness in recruiting candidates, planning and execution, maintaining screening employees for select attributes.

The screening and testing of the candidates

Many staffing firms conduct screening and testing of the candidates, easing the task for companies to look for competent employees. Most staffing firms are not concerned about the candidate’s background and reference but check them under compulsion of various tests including typing, specific technical skills, problem solving and customer service skills, etc. William Almonte Manwah said, “The task of the recruiter is cut in between research and communication. They have to filter his available options from the vast pool of potential candidates of the job market and make a strong bond of friendship with the selected candidates.”

HR nowadays are little relieved

HR are relieved of the burden to look and go through irrelevant and random resumes, saving their time, and they can put themselves into some more important issue. An excellent recruiting agency takes care of all the hassle and brings forth some perfectly competent candidate for a personal interview with a company.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies work in various ways making them a wise choice for both the companies and the candidates. For the candidate’s beneficial part, most of the agencies have a good relationship with the best employers, and this makes the candidates get exclusive access to the appropriate jobs. Moreover, the candidates get to know about many such jobs of which they had not even given a thought about. On the flip side, the employers come across many talented and competent candidates without the hassle of going through tons of resumes, which eases their work and saves time and money. More than that, the recruitment agency provides clients with a whole cycled or full-fledged service that takes off many miscellaneous facilities from the shoulder. This becomes one of the greatest pluses for clients when it comes to having a smooth experience while carrying out the recruitment process.

Advantages of recruitment agencies

The best recruiters will have their control over the market and provide the hiring team with an insight into what is happening around, this makes the employer know how and when to reach out for the suitable candidate. Some candidates may not be active in the job portals, but then they can be found through the recruitment agencies leaving no blank spot. Good recruiters make sure that they do not let competent candidates slip away.

William Almonte – Best Ways to Choose a Good Recruitment Agency

In today’s world, a proper staffing and recruitment agency is fundamental to the success of a corporate organization. A proper recruitment firm not only improves a company’s recruitment process, but it also respects and understands its role in the recruitment process. Confidentiality and privacy are the two main aspects of this matter.


William Almonte believes that irrespective of whether a person is a fresher or experienced candidate, he can always earn success through the guidance of a proper recruitment agency. Consulting the right agency is crucial to success, and that require keeping specific points in mind.

Things to keep in mind in choosing a recruitment agency

  • Before contacting a recruitment agency, a candidate may check with fellow mates and acquaintances the recruitment agencies they have previously used. It is always advisable to go and opt for an agency of which certain prior knowledge is accessible to the candidate. Another way for selecting a recruitment agency is through online search. Browsing the internet and online search is advised in this respect.
  • High-quality recruits are easily selected by companies. So, if candidates are high in aptitude and other professional skills, they should apply in as many reputable recruitment agencies as they can.
  • Certain agencies have a niche area of specialization. So candidates must verify which industry they are applying for and whether that match with the niche.
  • While outsourcing the hiring process, picking the right recruitment agency requires patient checking of the agency’s specialty and claim to fame and deciding based on the same factor. Some agencies claim to have notched their success streaks in as many industries as the market’s breadth, while others claim to focus mainly on one particular sector. It is up to the concerned organization whether to select those who specialist in multiple fields or the unique one industry based agency. Sometimes, it is rewarding to go for the solitary representative, as it will possess a higher degree of efficiency compared to rival agencies.
  • The company which meets the enrollment and business needs and adequately understands the requirements will be most likely to give desirable results.


Importance of permanent enlistment position

Visiting websites, reviewing portfolios alongside different research give a proper picture of the agency. William Almonte Mahwah suggests verifying the data provided on the websites before assigning them the task of recruitment and not give preference to brief registration but place their chip on permanent enlistment positions.

Existence in the Social Media Domain

The recruiting farms which are well experienced and extensive in their recruiting process must be given preference over others. Certain companies use strong social media connections for their popularity. Choosing this type of company is beneficial.


The relationship of the company-recruiter duo must be as strong as the recruiter-candidate duo. Screening applications, recruiting the right candidate for the right position and posting adverts in print and online media on behalf of the company- all these things require certain abilities to execute these jobs properly. So, these factors must be worked on by the company-agency duo before the recruitment process begins. Hence the proper selection of an agency is fundamental to the success.

William Almonte – Knowing About The Contingency Recruiting And Its Benefits

Each and every business requires the good workforce that actually strives hard to accomplish the organization’s goals as well as objectives in an effective manner. To build some excellent team, numerous organizations focus on the quality hires. However, this is often challenging to pick some suitable candidates from the large pool of the qualified people, companies can never ignore the ultimate need and importance of talented professionals.

William Almonte

To make such actual hires, each and every company has two options – form an in-house recruiting team or even use the services of outside recruiting agencies, which supply applicants depending on the company’s requirement.

Contingency recruiting and how it works

According to William Almonte, contingency recruiting, by definition, is the type of candidates’ search in which the recruiting firm will be paid fees only after this places the suitable candidate for the required position. This is the ultimate reason why numerous companies prefer this type of recruiting – the chances of getting potential candidates are pretty high with less investment. The contingency recruiter actually works for many clients and tries to fill their vacancies in their companies as effectively as he can.

Contingency recruiting agencies gather some of the resumes from different sources like the job portals, their own websites, etc., and also handle all the responsibilities of scheduling the meetings, conferences, screening the candidates, conducting interviews and referral verification procedures at their place. As per the statement of William Almonte Mahwah, a recruiting agency should be judged on the basis of their experience and skill as well. After conducting all these formalities, if they are totally satisfied along with the candidate’s profile, and if they feel that he or she is suitable candidate for the position, they will forward the proper resume to the respective company.

Benefits to know

Contingency recruiting agencies screen all the candidates by executing thorough processes and send the list of possibly qualified candidates, who are well suited for the requirement. In this way, the option of getting the good candidate’s profile is high. It also offers the full background checks along with the verification of references. Once the customer selects the candidates, all the recruiters also conduct the final references checks and even background verification.

So, as a matter of fact, these references verification and also background checks are quite important because they provide the actual picture of the social pattern of selected candidate. These references checks also confirm the ultimate accuracy of the information provided by candidates and also promise the employer that he is making a quality hire.

Elaborate personality testing: Personality tests are also thought to be one of the legal forecasters of job performance. So, numerous employers employ these tests to decide the cognitive as well as creative skills of the candidate. The contingency recruiting agency easily conducts these tests as well as evaluates the candidate’s capabilities. Apart from anything else, when you are going to choose the right kind of recruiting agency, you have to make sure that you check their experience for sure.

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William Almonte – Key Attributes Of a Successful Recruiter

This is a common thing for the recruitment business owners to recruit some new team leaders or managers from within their own team of recruitment consultants, yet this may not be the best plan. The ultimate skill set of the recruiter is so diverse that many classic, high billing recruiters are not able to expand and flex their style to help their team get the results they themselves achieve. Leading, motivating along with managing are quite dissimilar skill sets from the customer and candidate focused closing abilities of your top recruiter. So, before you make your decision, try to cast your eye over some attributes, which all great recruitment managers have.

William Almonte Mahwah

An enthusiastic and positive attitude

If your recruitment managers are not enthusiastic and positive about what they do they will never be able to inspire or lead the team. There are a lot of opinions in the training and development field, which focus on the power of positive thinking and attitude. According to William Almonte, if a recruiter has the positive attitude as well as the enthusiast, you can easily deal with it. It inspires others, and it brings results.


According to the William Almonte Mahwah, when it comes to integrity, the dictionary definition talks about honesty as well as moral principles. Integrity is one of those things that you impulsively pick up about people. A recruiter should have the integrity, and that is one of the premium qualities, which people love about them. So, while choosing the recruiter, you have to check that he or she has the integrity or not.

Communication skills

Whenever you are going to deal with a recruiter, you have to make sure that you check their qualities, and amongst all of the qualities, communication skill is essential. If you can see that the recruiter is well-spoken and well-versed, then this would be the great asset as well.


Experience is one of the primary attributes that each and every one looks for. So, as a matter of fact, when you are going to choose the recruiter, always make sure that they have more significant experience. There are literally hundreds of methods accessible, but the best way depends on the number of factors including your company, the type of position, the importance of the position, etc.

Research has also confirmed the fact that the more time an individual spends on the areas of nonpreferred behavior, the more likely that person is to turn out to be stuck in mediocrity. Excellent performers in all jobs think, talk and act differently to average as well as poor performers. Identifying the behavioral preferences, which contribute to outstanding performance, is vital to developing a highly effective talent-acquisition strategy. The key to successful recruiting is, consequently, to recognize and hire people who are not only qualified to do the tasks, which are entirely crucial for excellence in the job, but who also really enjoy doing those tasks. Try to check the attributes, before dealing with them.

William Almonte – Is the Modern Recruitment System Making any Difference for The Job Seekers?

Recruiting is one of the most challenging tasks in an organization. Over the period of years, with the advent and proliferation of the computers, the World Wide Web, and the social media the process of hiring employees have undergone a sea-change just like any other aspects in life. Both the job seekers and employers have a wide range of opportunities to pick and choose from their probable requirements. The traditional methods of seeking jobs are being used less by the job seekers. Likewise, the employers have developed a modern set up of recruiting that involves software, portals and the social media.

William Almonte

A quick overview of the traditional recruiting methods

  • NewspapersOne of the oldest forms of communication, newspapers are used by job seekers for looking up vacancies.
  • Employment agencies Employment agencies maintain a list of recruiters and candidates looking for employment. Job seekers go to the agencies and apply or interview for jobs through them.
  • Internal hiringEmployers promote the already existing employees present in the organization.

Modern methods of recruiting and how does it work?

According to William Almonte, CEO of Titan Staffing Systems,  the knowledge-based recruiting method is an advantageous and ongoing dynamic method that is beneficial for both the employers and job seekers. Modern methods of recruiting are mainly of two types- knowledge-based and online or E-recruiting.

  • Knowledge-based- Here recruiters maintain a database of the potential employers. A person may not be available to take a job. They can be tracked later. The database is updated continuously and monitored.
  • E-recruiting- The use of the internet and modern technology is used by both the parties seeking employees and employers. The job seekers upload their resume on the internet. Recruiters again use the internet to access these and later get in touch with the potential candidates.

Are the modern methods of recruiting advantageous to the job seekers?

The answer to this question is most definitely a big yes! Now organizations have their own website and social media accounts. The job seekers can get in touch with the employers directly. This eliminates the inclusion of third parties like temp employment agencies. According to William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, the modern methods are thus cheaper and save a lot of time.

Also, the internet has made it easier for the job seekers to deem the credibility and profile of an organization. Many websites have to review and marking systems. Many organizations have a dubious reputation. Job seekers can verify the credentials and advantages of employment.

Advantages of the modern recruiting system

  • It is cheap and less time-consuming.
  • A healthy relationship is developed between the recruiters and job seekers.
  • Easier communication through social media, emails and SMSs
  • Candidates can give their feedback on various websites and portals. This again helps the other job seekers.
  • The use of smartphones has made it easier to apply and interview for job positions.

To sum it up, the modern recruiting system has a lot of plus for the job seekers. The youth of today depend upon social media and the internet more than the traditional methods, when seeking employment.So, Job seekers worry not options are on your way! Float your resumes on the internet and sit tight in your recliners with smartphones in hand!

William Almonte – Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Recruiters of Your Organization

The organization is based on specific aspects, and one of them is the idea of accordance between hiring managers and recruiters. They play a crucial role in blending the edges of an organization and highlight its strength and weaknesses even more prominently. On the other hand, it becomes a matter of concern for the applicants when it comes to a gloomy tie-up between the two eminent parties.

William Almonte Mahwah

  1. Set the expectations and priorities right with your recruiter

This applies when a recruiter is new to the field as well as experienced. There is a difference of a fragile line between handling a project alone and working together for it. You might see hiring managers often dissatisfied with the type of services recruiters provide. And the occurrences continue for a long time, till the quality of the actual task is hit.

There are smarter ways and technologies to assess a recruiter’s performance. As per the knowledge of William Almonte Mahwah, the actual performance level of a recruiter comes out when he is emphasized on specifically. Hiring managers play an eminent role in providing useful guidance to recruiters. Some of the most efficient hiring tools that can be used and rated at the top are,

  • Skills arena
  • Saber
  • Test-dome
  • Applicants tracking system(ATS)
  • Smashfly(CRM)
  1. Communication is the key to most achieved targets

One of the most common trigger points in the degrading relationship of managers and recruiters is the lack of adequate communication. It is rising issue in most established organizations increase the number of replacements and attrition rate of candidates. Though, it is not a directly linked to the candidates but can impose adverse effect on the aspect in many ways. Therefore, try to arrange and attend meetings in person and do not hesitate to report all your queries or complaints.

  1. Make your recruiter responsible for handling a project

As stated by William Almonte, hiring managers need to provide recruiters with the idea that, meeting their level of satisfaction regarding work is one of the cores responsibilities of recruiters. The hiring managers need to give out sufficient task details and descriptions to achieve a particular target. While assigning a task, several notes and points need to fulfilled from manager’s side. A proper format and system is the best way get the job done. You can follow-up with recruiters regarding specific need, but it might not be attainable in all situations.

  • Organize sub tasks with proper descriptions
  • Set a follow-up routine and additional communication in case of specific needs
  • Assign the tasks close to expectation level that the individual is capable of meeting
  • Set specific deadlines for recruiters before the final date
  • Ensure adequate technical as well as practical facilities are provided
  • Use ATS as your most potent assistance to assess the performance
  • Close each project after completion and follow up if required

However said and done, it is best to remind yourself that you are working as a team for gathering the best talents out of the lot for an organization. Your contributions in the affair shall be counted as a whole. Implying the effective tactics, as discussed above shall work as tools against inessential disputes in the path.

William Almonte – Revamping the Recruitment Market with Facility Management

The sector of green technology serves two areas of development and implementation that require specific recruits. The practical application of the green technology sector is being followed by many businesses to support this new method of saving energy. It ranges from simple weatherising to energy saving lighting including a solar panel system. These projects are not DIY projects since; it requires firms with expertise to manage such tasks. With the availability of such works, specific companies would need qualified workers. To stay ahead, one must build up a database of installers, general contractors, experienced technician’s that are an expert in green technology.

William Almonte

The applicant tracking software program must be adaptable to different options in a filing to ensure progress. One should be able to sort through the resumes into distinct and separate categories grouping them by experience and expertise against training and certification. The software must be efficient enough to give swift accessibility without requiring user training.

Effect of Green Technology

By focusing on the progressive aspect of the green technology, several new firms are coming up and searching for the best intelligent minds to accompany for research. Since new graduates are increasing each year to get into the job industry; the firms must be prepared to hire them. These new graduates are updated regarding the most recent advancements in green technology even though; they lack sufficient practical experience. William Almonte, Owner of titan staffing system notices that these fresher carry the potentiality for making a difference, and similarly, several firms are prepared to meet them. To prove oneself as a recruitment manager then, they have to stand in the gap.

Proper applicant tracking programs not just accepts and fills resumes but, must provide assistance to answer applications. Sending an appropriate “thank you” response as an auto-response can expand and develop the ranking in the recruitment field. This program must also propagate the best sites for posting that are available for listings. In fact, Green technology is the future mantra. Care to join the bandwagon?

Empowering Degrees in Business

Strengthening the connections in the industry for scholars can initiate the business degree program. Adding online opportunities to encourage executives is one of the portions of that transformation. As per Cincinnati Enquirer, an introduction to marketing class is designed primarily for pupils that are pursuing masters in their degree of business administration. Online options can significantly enhance and improve user connectivity and the overall individual experience.

Web sessions can provide admission requirement and course contents. As per the statistics of BLS or, Bureau of Labor Statistics, William Almonte signifies that the number of opportunities in employment for health and medical service managers is to increase by 16 percent within the next eight years. The managers will be needed to recruit workers, include new and modern technology and ensure the security and safety of the computerised patient records.

Those individuals carrying a degree of masters in the health service administration might begin as department managers or, a staff of supervisors. Candidates bearing graduates are likely to get hired by the medical group, consulting firms, mental health facilities and clinics.

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William Almonte – Employment Recruiters/ Professional Headhunters

Recruitment is not a new thing for your people because most of you people have faced this process at some point in your life. Basically recruitment process is performed to find an employee for any company. This process of recruitment requires a lot of time to find the perfect employee for the company. This process also requires a lot of money because this process requires making an advertisement for the vacancy and huge manpower to complete the process.

William Almonte

The people who choose the perfect candidate for the company are known as recruiters. Mr. William Almonte promotes the importance of recruitment process to find the perfect employee for the job.

The recruitment process does a very important role for the company as well as the candidate because the company gets the perfect employee and the candidate gets the job in their chosen field. The most important role is played by the recruiters in the process of recruitment because without the recruiters this process cannot be imagined. The recruiters need to have enough experiences to give the companies good employees. There are a number of qualities that people find the recruiters. Some of these qualities are stated below.

Qualities required being a good recruiter

  • Confidence- Before you start doing anything you have to be confident enough to do it. MrWilliam Almonte agrees with the statement that a recruiter must be confident enough for the job. The recruiters need to be extrovert so that they could easily find out the qualities of the candidate.
  • Good communicator- Recruitment is such a job that requires very good communication skills. The recruiter needs to communicate with the candidate to take out his or her qualities from their mouth. Communicating with the candidates will reduce the nervousness of the candidate also and this can lead to a great interview.
  • Approachable demeanour- Being a recruiter you need to approach the candidate so that they could get interested more in the job. The style of approach of the recruiter should be convincing enough for the candidate.
  • Good listener- Being a recruiter that does not mean only you will have the right to speak, you have to give the chance to other people to speak. It may be your fellow recruiters or the candidate whom you should allow to speak. Being a good listener makes the process of recruitment much easier for you.
  • Strong sale skills- A recruiter also sales something that is the job vacancy. A recruiter must be convincing enough that the candidate gets attracted to the job.
  • Target driven- As a recruiter, you should always remember that you are appointed to work for a particular target. You need to work according to the need of that target so that you could give the best performance.
  • Patience- Being patient is important for any person in the world because hurry can make you fail to reach your target. Sometimes hurry is needed but to have the patience for the right time or to listen to someone else is very much important. For more data visit here