William Almonte – Why Recruiters Need To Embrace Technology?

Technology and linked devices have become a vital part of our lives. It not only assists people to communicate, acquire entertainment and knowledge, and shop from online portals, but can also help candidates to get an appropriate job. Several job portals are present, which not allow job seekers to create and upload their resume, but also gives a direct link to recruiters to get hold of probable candidates. Apart from these portal based recruiters, you have the option to select any conventional staffing agency.

William Almonte - Why Recruiters Need To Embrace Technology?

Following recent trends in the business

Earlier, headhunters had to go to the offices and acquire details of all available openings. The reputed staffing agencies enjoyed an elevated status. Representatives from several offices approached these representatives directly to get hold of competent candidates. With time, the recruitment companies opened their services for job seekers as well.

This made it possible for fresher and experienced applicants to submit their resumes, and wait to get a call from employers. Those days are gone. All the hard manual labor has been replaced with technological tools. So, most of the task is taken care of with software. The popularity of these progressive mechanisms, have reshaped the entire face of the recruiting system. So, William Almonte, owner of titan staffing always supports more inclusion of technological advancements in this field.

Makes the entire process hassle-free and fast

The recruiters have several tools and software at their disposal, which not only eliminate manual labor but also make the entire process significantly fast. As the recruiters need not venture to several organizations, and collect opening-related information in person, it saves a lot of time. Due to this, both headhunters as well as probable candidates need not spend too much time in searching for pertinent details. The software makes it possible to acquire all information with the click of a button.

Eases the search procedure

William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing says that an important feature of these technological tools is the streamlined search mechanism. There are fields, which allow both the jobseekers and employers to specify their needs, aspirations, qualifications, special skills and previous experiences. It gives recruiters a quick way to match the profiles. With the push of a button, the headhunters can update the database and get contact numbers of probable candidates who will be able to fill in several vacancies.

Tapping several sources of information

It is not wise to rely on one recruitment site or agency. To maximize your chances of bagging a job, you cannot afford to let any stone remain unturned. Thus, it is best to open an account in as many sites as possible. Even the recruiters check out several sources to get as many probable candidates as possible. That way, they will be able to place several candidates under their label, and acquire as much profit as possible.

With so many advantages in the list, it is obvious why recruiters and job seekers log on to the portals as much as possible. In case you have any doubts, then a quick consultation with an expert will make everything clear. There are several books in stores and articles on the internet, which will provide related details as well.

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William Almonte – How To Select An Executive Recruiter?

The job market is getting competitive by the day. Any candidate who desires to succeed in the professional filed must have bankable skills. Higher education is only one important element that will assist an individual to acquire a good job. Even if you get proper educational and professional training, you still need the assistance of experts to start your journey in the job market. These experts have information about the professional world, companies operating in the market, the vacancies they offer and such related details. If you want to get your hands on these pertinent details, you must hire the services of an excellent executive recruiter.

William Almonte

Ensuring effective services at affordable costs

It is not easy to get the services of a competent recruiter. If a jobseeker is not careful about the selection of the headhunter, then he/she will end up losing the entire money and will not be able to get a good job as well. Due to this, William Almonte recommends that each candidate needs to check the credentials of each headhunter. To make this process easy, it is important that the following points are kept in consideration.

Reputation and credibility of the recruiter

Before you steal the final deal with any executive recruiting official, you must ensure that your case is in good hands. To start with, you can initiate a search that will provide you with information about the actual competence of the recruiting agency or agent. The last thing you desire is to lose your money and not get a bankable opportunity within time. Ask former client about the service of the recruiter and attain clear picture about his or her reputation and credibility.

Use of innovative and technological tools

In present times, a recruiter with access to technologically advanced tools will be able to produce satisfactory results. The days of manual processing are over. Everything needs to be done at a faster pace. So, it is necessary for an executive headhunter to have knowledge about the use of such tools, which will make the task of matching potential candidates with satisfactory jobs easy. As William Almonte is closely associated with this trade, you will get a list of such innovative tools, which should be at the disposal of all recruiters. If you see that your selected headhunter is not making use of these tools, then it is time to sign a contract with another agent.

Terms of service that the recruiters provide

Though it is best to sign the deal with a recruitment firm that offers the services at an affordable rate, but fee must not be the ultimate decisive factor. The cheapest deal might not always be good for your professional future. So, acquire all details before zeroing in on any agent or agency. Apart from this, one must also not forget to scrutinize the necessary registration papers. Last but not the least; the firm or private executive recruiter must have the capability to offer speedy delivery. An executive headhunter will only prove to be effective if he/she can generate positive search results and place the candidate as soon as possible. When it is your professional life on the line, you must not waste time.

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William Almonte – Find A Job With Online Recruitment Agencies

You get out what you put in. This is a simple fact of life. When it comes to find a job with a recruitment agency, the same rule applies. According to professional recruitment expert William Almonte, finding job using a recruitment agency needs a good planning. If you are not that much experienced in the field of job searching, there are lots of ways. But the best and simplest way is taking help of recruitment agency.

William Almonte - Find A Job With Online Recruitment Agencies

When you are a job seeker and find job for the first time, it could be very frustrating. It is not so easy to manage a job in the year of competition. So, here are some important points. After reading the following points you probably will be able to find a good recruiter and a good job too.

Take responsibilities for your career

Recruitment agencies do not search random people for jobs. They always search for potentially capable candidates. The aim of recruitment agency is fulfilling the expectation of their clients. You need a specialist consultant like William Almonte, who gives valuable advices and guidance. One thing should be reminded that don’t set you expectation so high at initial stage.

How the online recruitment agency helps to find a job

When you submit your resume, the recruiters check it. If they think that may need a little bit of polishing to catch the eyes of hiring manager. Recruiters help you to add more updates. They test your skill-set, conduct online interviews and make your confidence level so high for the final interview.

Form a good relationship

A good online recruitment agency will want to build a relationship with you and also guide you. Because there are a few agencies who do not always think of their own profit, they want to place you in a good job also. Contact with two or three agencies. It will be the best to deal with specialist online recruitment agencies rather than generalists. Always remember one important thing that they are very busy and do not enough time to speak unless there is a good reason. You have to check how frequently they contact you for job opportunities. Thus you can know how important you are as a candidate to the agency.

Finding the right recruitment agency

Always try to collect information from your friends and seniors about recruitment agency. Those who have got job through a recruitment agency can help you a lot. Those successful candidates can tell you how agencies work on this matter. You can take suggestion from them also. Ask you seniors and friends what kind of online agency you require. Use social media for this purpose. Social media is a great platform to ask for personal opinion. Searching on internet can be a good way. When you will have their contact number, make a call. How the call is treated may tell a lot about the agency.

Hope all these help to build a good relationship with recruiters and find a good job. It may take some time. But ultimately your effort will lead you to the job you have dream of.

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William Almonte – Myths Related To Recruiting Industry

There are a couple of myths identified with the selecting business. It isn’t a simple industry. A considerable measure of meriting applicants are looking to their best of capacities to locate the best of employments. It is a merciless industry. Individuals battle for the bread, margarine and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is life and way of life.

William Almonte

Know the solid and powerless purposes of hopefuls

It isn’t just about hitting targets yet giving the meriting hopeful the best position.

This industry depends on the telephone administrations. You became acquainted with your customer needs and the hopeful’s shortcoming and qualities. On the off chance that you don’t have any acquaintance with them both, you are surfing incorrectly waters!

The enrollment organization must know which part of the organization needs more individuals. William Almonte, master selection representative, the initial move towards the enlistment procedure is distinguishing precisely which office or wing requires more HR to propel the general change of the organization.

Association with customer and applicant

Many individuals think it is a relentless industry. In any case, that isn’t so. It is likewise about building the association with the customer and the hopeful. In the event that there is any issue with the customer or the applicant, they swing to the enlistment organization. A few relations last long lasting.

Wrong needs

William Almonte, who is a specialist enlistment advisor trusts that various activity searchers neglect to get long haul work since they take after wrong needs. They think cash is the main thing that issues. The enlistment organization additionally pushes for greater pay bundles. In any case, that isn’t so. You have to realize what you need from a vocation and it is your obligation to educate the enrollment organization with respect to your qualities and your vision.

Many individuals, thus, imagine that selection representatives are meddlesome. Yet, they must be nosy to find out about you, your quality, shortcomings, your prerequisites.

Different myths

A few people believe that the activity of a scout is dreary past the farthest point. In any case, that isn’t so. They meet diverse individuals consistently with various abilities. They set up the resume in the most ideal way with the goal that that very hopeful lands an awesome position. With evolving times, the market progression change. Everything is changing, so is the spotter’s life. There isn’t a dull minute.

There is additionally a myth that if the hopeful makes not get a showing with regards to, at that point the enrollment specialist organization does not call. That isn’t valid. A decent organization of enlisting will ring you to reveal to you the outcome. They will take a seat with you, converse with you, and attempt to discover approaches to better the applicant’s odds next time.

A few people likewise say that enrollment is a dead occupation. There isn’t much prospect. Yet, that isn’t so in any way. Individuals who join the organization get great advantages and ascend quick to the administration position, on the off chance that they comprehend the little-known techniques.

A few organizations contract to flame. It is simple for the enlistment organization to distinguish these organizations and make an effort not to work with them. It spares heaps of torment. Enrollment is a craftsmanship. On the off chance that have the correct contact and power it can turn into a major business.

William Almonte – How Recruiters Work To Get More Clients?

The job of a recruiter is not an easy task. The recruiters have to do their work very minutely so that they can recruit quality talents. The employees of a company is assets of the company. Recruitment of a wrong candidate can very dangerous for any company. The responsibility depends upon the recruiter to recruit the right employee for the company. The recruiters of the recruitment firm or the self employees recruiters have to do hard work more than the recruiters of a company because they have to grab customers but the recruiters of any company have does not need to attract new companies. Today this article is going to discuss the strategies that the recruiters follow to grab the attention of customers. According to William Almonte these strategies are compulsory for any self employed recruiter or a recruiter of any recruitment firm.

William Almonte - How Recruiters Work To Get More Clients?

Strategies to get more clients

  • It very important to show your talent to recruit a right employee for the company because the company will give you more work further by judging your earlier work. If you can give the company right employee they will give you more work and they will also refer you to their business circle. This is the main strategy that you have to follow to get new clients or to continue with the old clients.
  • You have to try your best to recruit the right employee for the company. Recruiting a wrong employee will be harmful for the company and your future in this field. Recruitment of a wrong employee will leave a bad remark in your career. Learn from your mistake but try not to make more mistakes.
  • Try to show your successful recruitment to the clients to attract them and give them the service of the same level. Don’t let your clients get offended with you. An offended client can make other clients against you.
  • You have to use the social networking sites to make your profession popular. Let the people know you and your work from various references and advertisements. You have to use every possible marketing strategy to make your self popular. You can follow the offline marketing strategies and the online marketing strategies. Through the online strategies you can spread your business faster and get new clients from various regions of the world. The social networks or the other online strategies will be more helpful than the offline strategies of marketing.
  • Present your talent with new ideas so that the client may not get bored with the very common recruitment ideas.

In the business of recruitment is very important to satisfy the clients so that you can get more work from them. William Almonte says that the marketing strategies will help you to grab attention of the client but it is your duty to fulfil their requirements so that give you more work. The recruitment process has a number of steps. You should get proper knowledge about all the steps of recruitment process to do your work properly. You have to show your ability to recruit right employee for the client to get new client.

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William Almonte – How Is Outsourcing Corporate Training Beneficiary For Businesses?

Corporate training is beneficiary for companies, in particular for start-ups. A compact training module can result in big difference in the performance of employees. With providing training to the new recruits companies also needs to introduce skill-based training module for existing employees. To avail comprehensive training modules, you need to appoint some specialized requirement training agency.

William Almonte - How Is Outsourcing Corporate Training Beneficiary For Businesses?

Why consider outsourcing option in corporate training?

Most of the time training providing agencies have separate training module for employees of different sectors. They have expertise in providing training related to more than one industry. Business process outsourcing is an umbrella term which refers to outsourcing in all fields. If a company chooses outsourcing options to train their recruits, it can save lot of money in the process.

As per William Almonte, the eminent staffing and training expert a BPO or business process outsourcing has two genres of functioning, one is implementing new technology, and the other one is implementing new improved methods with the existing process.

BPO is allocating quality to different segments of IT industry. Recruitment training is not beyond this BPO amalgamation.

Big MNCS and even start-up companies increasingly are relying on other recruitment agencies from different countries to get assistance in the training procedure. Those companies are providing quality training at an affordable rate.

Sometimes big MNCs also go for providing recruitment training to other clients based in different countries.

According to William Almonte, outsourcing recruitment training has some special privileges.

The main reason behind outsourcing training process is the affordability factor.

There are other factors as well, like a better method of training module designing, a specific implementation.

What are some benefits of corporate outsourcing training?

Recruitment process outsourcing is still a fresh concept for a lot of companies. So many businesses still aren’t quite aware of all the details about this process. This post will give a clear idea about that outsourcing recruitment training procedure, and its benefits

1. Reduced cost
As discussed earlier most of the companies who are interested in outsourcing recruitment training is the reduced cost factor. RPO or recruitment process outsourcing the company can save recruiting cost, and the recruitment process will be managed and streamlined efficiently by some other companies.

Same with recruitment training providing, when some other companies take the entire responsibility of providing training, it reduces a lot of excess pressure from the company’s management board, and also these companies charge minimal fees to provide and arranges the training, so it also saves a lot of money.

2. The process is more organized and scalable
The outsourcing training process can save a lot of trouble for the client company as with these third party companies the client companies don’t need to worry about designing different training modules, proper implementation and then about the result of the training process. The company or the training module will do these all for their clients, designing training modules, implanting those and then proper monitoring process to check if the training module is working is or not.

3. End talk

So, outsourcing recruitment training can make a company a better place to work and can help in its improvement by sharing the load.

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William Almonte – What Are The Hidden Policies Used By The Corporate Recruiters?

Don’t you have wondered how the corporate recruiters find the talented candidates? Recruiters have their own special method to find the talented candidate and recruit. The candidates are completely unaware of the method. There are some hidden policies used by the corporate recruiters. Basically, the aim of the recruitment policies is to ensure that an unbiased recruitment selection will be processed. On the base of the merit the selection is done. According to William Almonte, not only you need to know the strategies to get success in this competitive market.

William Almonte - What Are The Hidden Policies Used By The Corporate Recruiters?


The recruitment and selection policy is same for all employees. It denotes to all possible candidates.

Policy element

Usually the recruiters go through the following steps.

First of all they decide the hiring process would be either internally or externally, then they review the job description, decide selection stages, and analysis the resume, select the applications, run background check, after that select the eligible candidate. Of these some stages are mandatory and the other steps may be skipped or overlapped according to decision of hiring team.

Job posting

A job opening can be posted by manager internally before external candidate recruitment. In that case they set a time limit for internal applications.

Job description

Managers create job description of company. A short summary of the role, purpose and responsibilities should be included.

Recruiter’s search for attitude

In the recent days the recruiters have become more choosy and smart. They look for the attitude over candidate’s skill. Because they believe that the most of skill can be gained by performing them again and again and attitude is something which cannot be changed normally. It is an internal thing. One’s attitude is reflected in behavior. In their opinion a perfect candidate would have both of good attitude and excellent skill, a candidate with a better attitude fits well into the company. On the training period to earn the skill doesn’t take much time.

Referral program

The current employees of corporate office are base of the business of company. The employees have friends, companions in the same field. Design policies will allow them to refer experienced candidates. Therefore, the referral program is a hidden policy in recruitment as there is no advertisement. The whole matter will remain between company and employee.

Online interview policy

The recruiters who can’t visit the campus offer online interview. Sitting in front of laptop or desktop they throw questions and you have to impress them with your answer to get the job. This policy is pretty good because there is no trouble of transport. In William Almonte ’s opinion when the online interview process is running, it will be quick and fast.

Unpaid internships

A group of candidates are trained under supervision of experienced staffs of the company. The intern is not certainly permitted to a job at the end of the internship. The recruiters offer the training descends no immediate benefits. No money is paid in that time period. But candidates learn a lot of thing in that environment. Their skill is enhanced. Thus corporate recruiters train a candidate before joining job.

These are the policies used by corporate recruiters. The selection stages are taken according to requirement of role through many stages. Recruiters always inform the candidates whom they decide to reject. The one, who will be selected, is informed by HR formally.
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William Almonte – Why Your New Recruits Need A Training Coach?

Recruitment preparing is the procedure through which industry can recognize and can draw out the genuine capability of the representatives. Preparing process comprises of an extensive variety of significant procedures included right abilities and learning. The preparation procedure can help an organization to get some accomplished workers who can help the organization to achieve another tallness.

William Almonte - Why Your New Recruits Need A Training Coach?

As indicated by William Almonte, the master business visionary in preparing and advancement industry there are some central focal points of leading a web instructional meeting.

  • It causes the newcomers to find out about the organization and the work they have to do.
  • An instructional meeting can help your representatives to find out about your organization and can enhance the work quality.
  • From an inside preparing, the quality and shortcoming of individual workers can be surveyed.
  • It makes a feeling of harmony and a demeanor of solid rivalry among newcomers.
  • Representatives progress toward becoming for capable in the wake of experiencing a preparation module, and it diminishes the time required for ‘at work learning’, as in the wake of experiencing the preparation the workers or newcomers turn out to be efficient.

Other than these fundamental focal points there are some long haul accomplishments that an organization can get in the event that it puts into worker preparing

William Almonte, says the significance of setting up your workers has multidimensional points of interest. The significance can’t be misrepresented, as proficiency of your representatives specifically relies upon the viability of the preparation that they are experiencing

Some normal preparing modules for newcomers are

Enroll Orientation

New contract introduction programs are most utilized worker preparing module. This kind of preparing module prepare new contracts about how to perform particular employments all the more proficiently and standardly. Driving players of each industry lean toward this preparation structure as they probably am aware it’s an incredible open door for them to present their representatives with the items, administrations and the work culture of that organization. With the goal that when they begin doing the genuine activity, don’t get anything that is totally new to them and they can perform all the more productively.

Executive Management Training process

As the name propose, it’s not for the newcomers. It’s for the representatives who are working at the administrative level of the organization. Organizations now and then begin this sort of preparing for new contracts in a regulatory post. Here and there organizations arrange this kind of preparing process notwithstanding for their chiefs, as preparing doesn’t end with new laborers. This preparation module has been turned out to be a powerful approach to enhance the profitability of officials of an organization by acquainting them with worldwide business patterns, worldwide request structure and with buyer’s practices.

Required office partners Training

Many driving aggregates unequivocally acquaint this preparation module with mindful existing and newcomers about the word related well being and standard dealing with methodology. This preparation is standard for makers. Driving players present this preparation module as a standard and compulsory system for newcomers to make them mindful of the operational treatment of standard apparatus and lessen odds of mishaps.

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Hiring Decisions – When Is the Right Time to Hire

A main problem that every small to average growing business faces lies in supervision of staffing and expansion. To get the most out of your staff, you want to hire at the ideal time – that precise time once you exceed standard capacity and begin ramping up. Here, there is no wasted time or money on unnecessary staff. But how do you know when the right time is? There is no way to predict the future. This article describes the few necessary steps that precede staffing details and decision the way to make the finest conceivable timeline for your hiring.

Hiring Decisions – When Is the Right Time to Hire

So you think you can staff?

Assess the situation – To go from Point A to Point B, you have to know where Point A really is. Without assessing your current situation, you will have no idea as to how you should continue. Be seated down and stare at your present business model. Are you nearing capacity in your normal day-to-day operations? Has there been an increase in the number of your customers? These are good signs that you need to hire more help. But these are also the most obvious tip-offs.

Develop a business model

The next step plans the trip you will take from Point A to Point B. Sit down with someone who has an accounting, strategic management, or consulting background and outline the next few quarters or even the next few years of your business under the new model. Just make sure this person can help you develop the best conceivable model conceivable. Plan the whole thing in the finest detail. What new tasks will there be? How long will they take? How do these tasks interact with each other? How many people will be needed for each task? How much will you pay each person? Will the pricing in your expanded business be able to cover new salaries and fixed costs associated with ramping up? What are the critical points in the timeline where equipment and staff must be added? And, most importantly, where is the break even? For best result contact William Almonte.

The best place to get hiring

Now which you’ve planned out all the new tasks associated with your expansion, you want to consider the careers with which you go along with. Even more questions arise. Do you need multiple people to do one job? Can one person handle multiple jobs? Can the current staff take over some operations for a few months to save money? What kind of strain would this place on the current staff?

Start evaluating your business atmosphere and the communal characteristics of how your business currently runs. Is it very businesslike or is it a more casual environment? Think about the William Almonte that would have the best fit with your business. Look at the trade offs between skills and personality. Is the job this person would be doing so hard that you need to focus more on skills? Or is there some leeway in the position where you could focus on a person who fits your business environment more?

William Almonte – Managing Recruits Without Recruitment Software

In the present day, the way of management has been changed. It has been seen that the way managers used to select the candidate; the process has not been utilized by the managers in the present day. There used to the software through the resume of the interviewer has been verified and then if the criteria and the credentials matched they used to call the interviewee. But this process has been found to be the worst one. Companies found that they have lost many more talents that have been needed by them for their company. This process now therefore rejected.

William Almonte - Managing Recruits Without Recruitment Software

A look into the new process

According to William Almonte, the new process has paved a new way that has been helping both the recruiters and the people who want to join the company according to the advertising. In this new process, the recruiting cell of the company used to get through the resume of the person who has applied for the job. After getting through the resume, they used to call the candidate and then take the interview. This new recruitment process has brought a new phase in the recruitment process which the company and the people have been missing all through these years.

Is this process relevant?

As of the present situation companies used to lookout those people who have the ability to handle the war footing situations. This finding is really very tough when the recruiter goes for the software based recruitment based method. In the software based method, it is really tough for the recruiters to judge whether the people are capable or not. So according to William Almonte whenever a company is hiring anyone the main thing that the company must keep in mind is going to that person directly. This way, therefore, can be told as the best policy of the present day in the recruitment process.

The time taken is a little bit more

What in the software the recruiters found many times found to be a non-appreciable one. Yes of course in the new policy of recruitment the time took a little more but the work is done in the best way. William Almonte who has been a renowned name in the recruitment cell has been recommending this idea and also has a great admirer of this idea. According to this man, time is not the factor; the main factor that the companies must look into is the selection of the right person for the benefit of the enterprise.

If the businesses that have their cell of recruitment follow this process then for sure, they will get the cherry out of the cream which has been their need. It will also help the company to flourish as the people whom they have been appointed has the knowledge and that the recruiter must get into during the process of formal conversation. The agencies that have been working with the recruitment agencies for the conglomerates must use this process so that they serve the company the best.