William Almonte – Working With Personnel Counselors and Recruiters

In the global professional spectrum, there are many ways of practicing the same profession. The same profession can be divided into many different segments and methods of executing. Such is the case with recruitment practice as well. Basically, this practice is all about hiring applicants and placing them in various job designations as per opening. This entire task is being executed in several ways.

Group of businesspeople having a meeting.

We have analyzed the ways of hiring applicants and placing to the position in demand for the client company. After having observed various successful tactics of Mr. William Almonte‘s business for years and jotted down some of them underneath.

Initiative Taken On Your Own:

This is the way when you take the initiative on your own and send your resume to online or offline newspaper job advertisements. Or you may also hand over the C.V. to any career counselor or corporate delegate at any career fair.

Personal Recommendation:

Many a time this happens that, you come across a job opening through your personal contacts of friends or associates or relatives. The person who is referring often gets an extra referral fee or reward by the employer.

Personnel Staffing Agency:

This is a scenario where a recruiter whom you have chosen to assist you personally matches job from the openings received from the client company. Or especially places ads in the newspaper or online to find a suitable job for you. The first main distinction between a personnel counselor with a recruiter is the counselor will not bother you for placing you at another job while you are already active on one, unlike recruiters. Converse to the recruiters, you have to make the first move to the counselors.

According to Mr. William Almonte, the eminent businessman in the field of recruitment, Staffing managers or recruiters do jobs on and off the field. This means they grab job orders from client companies at the same time recruit applicants using personal contacts. Recruiters mostly get their remuneration paid by employers and not the candidates. Though, it is advisable to validate their condition before hiring them.

The Rules of Dealing with Recruiters and Personnel Counselors:

Rule 1:                    

Since the personnel counselors do not make the first move and want you to knock them down, you have to be a little active in this regard. What they basically do is, either they match a suitable job for you that they already are already counting. Otherwise, they will find one as per your specific requirements are given. If the person in charge does not understand the job role or functionality of your current one, then you have to explain properly.

Rule 2:

Usually, recruiters get appointed by an organization to fetch efficient candidates matching with the requirements laid by the company. As the recruiters work under the skin of the business they know well which candidate is worth the effort.

Moreover, both these ways go hand in hand in the recruitment business and should be chosen carefully keeping the purpose in mind.