William Almonte – What Are The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment?

In the recruitment industry, the internet has always played an important role, though previously it was limited to only hardcore technical people. Now, it seems to have taken an upper hand in the recruitment business to flourish. Today, recruitment process through the internet which is commonly termed as ‘online recruiting’ has found its footing and emerged as a pillar of the business. It has indeed become one of the fruitful recruitment strategies of head hunting that recruiters religiously follow.

William Almonte - What Are The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment

The general impact

According to Mr. William Almonte who has been in the recruitment industry for few decades, everybody is turning towards electronic medium. From employers to job seekers everyone is getting driven by the digitization and influence of the internet. This is why websites, job search engines online, and the digital versions of newspapers are more being followed by people to fetch job information.

So as per Mr. William Almonte, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment, which we have contemplated and discussed below.

The benefits of online staffing:

Search is more expandable

The first and foremost benefit that online recruitment has managed to extract is the wider search of job seekers across the geographical area. It is helping the recruiters to be able to locate more candidates beyond the local region and often around the country. The internet is facilitating with numerous options to narrow their head hunting with multiple criteria. This way they can filter and concentrate on the criteria they are looking for. Online recruitment is also benefiting in finding more eligible candidates in greater numbers.

Cost saving

Compared to the traditional method of recruitment in a manual process, or posting advertisements in print media, the online recruitment is much cost effective. Employers or recruiters whoever is posting the ads on the internet is hugely profiting by getting the discounts on advertisement packages. This will also ensure more visibility of the given job ads on the sites. The recruiters or employers can directly contact to the candidates through the online job posting. So this is in a way reducing the cost of any third party involvement.

Reduce time

Considering the huge time that the recruitment procedure consumes is also lessens by the advanced searching applications online. The internet offers various facilities including the automated filter options. This is useful in the screening of applicants to ensure how much suitable they are to be shortlisted for the final round.

The disadvantages

Bulk of resumes

Well, as far as the disadvantages or cons are considered, the electronic medium can increase the pressure of receiving resume volumes. Since the digital way of recruitment is giving more filtering options to narrow down the searching, it can also backfire if not applied minutely. So the recruiters have to go through the options thoroughly.

Fake information

Though, this particular part of the job is pretty unavoidable in any procedure of recruitment. Until the recruiters meet the candidates in person, they cannot evaluate the authenticity of the provided information.

In sector or business pros and cons lie in every method, so has online recruitment, so it is better to be used tactfully.

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