William Almonte | Advantages and Uses Of Recruitment Agency

The current industrial sector has seen a boom in trade; therefore there has been a marked increase in infrastructure. Such an increase in trade also requires the manpower to cope with the humongous amount of production that is needed to cope with demands of the fast flowing market.


According to William Almonte, Demands of product demands an increase in infrastructure which in turn demands the manpower to operate the infrastructure, and the vast pool of human resource makes it nearly impossible to do so effectively without expending additional resources and devoting additional manpower to the cause. Such situations are not only cumbersome but also undesirable to the functioning of the industry in a smooth manner. However without hiring additional personnel, production too cannot be increased. This is a unique and a problematic situation for all the companies expanding their business and this is where a recruitment or a hiring agency comes in and fill in the shoes of an effective recruiter in exchange for a service fee.

Advantages and uses:

  • Employers assistance- The recruitment agency serves as a bridge between the employer and the employee. As quoted by William Almonte Mahwah, The agencies involved in recruitment provide the perfect sorted base of prospective and desirable employees by separating the ‘cream from the curd’ and ordering candidates on qualifications that each specific company desires saving both time and money for the employer.
  • Creating a job market- The current job market is not abound with jobs and vacancies all across the varying sectors, but this has been capably managed by the recruitment agencies as they have managed to order the process of recruitment by proper management of the available human resource. Many people owe their jobs to the recruitment agency who on the candidate’s behalf explores all option for him based on his qualifications.
  • Proper placement- A recruitment agency not only creates and manages a database of prospective employees but also manages the vacancies for companies. The very process of sorting creates systematic and categorised candidates who possess different qualifications that are accordingly categorised. This helps the agency place the proper candidate in the proper position as the reputation of the agency is also linked with the base of employee it provides. This creates a very balanced, carefully analysed and deserving job prospects benefitting both the employers and the employee.

Thus as we can see, the advantages of such a sector are many. It essentially creates a buffer zone between the company and the candidate focalising on ease of mobility in an orderly and economic fashion.

The current job market have been smoothen out by the services provided by the recruitment agency and has promoted many leaps in the industry. The importance of such an agency has been recognised by many and therefore there is a lot of deliberation going on at the present to organise this lucrative sector into standardised machinery. If done with proper care and planning, such an industry may become one of the top giants in the business sector.