William Almonte – What Are The Hidden Policies Used By The Corporate Recruiters?

Don’t you have wondered how the corporate recruiters find the talented candidates? Recruiters have their own special method to find the talented candidate and recruit. The candidates are completely unaware of the method. There are some hidden policies used by the corporate recruiters. Basically, the aim of the recruitment policies is to ensure that an unbiased recruitment selection will be processed. On the base of the merit the selection is done. According to William Almonte, not only you need to know the strategies to get success in this competitive market.

William Almonte - What Are The Hidden Policies Used By The Corporate Recruiters?


The recruitment and selection policy is same for all employees. It denotes to all possible candidates.

Policy element

Usually the recruiters go through the following steps.

First of all they decide the hiring process would be either internally or externally, then they review the job description, decide selection stages, and analysis the resume, select the applications, run background check, after that select the eligible candidate. Of these some stages are mandatory and the other steps may be skipped or overlapped according to decision of hiring team.

Job posting

A job opening can be posted by manager internally before external candidate recruitment. In that case they set a time limit for internal applications.

Job description

Managers create job description of company. A short summary of the role, purpose and responsibilities should be included.

Recruiter’s search for attitude

In the recent days the recruiters have become more choosy and smart. They look for the attitude over candidate’s skill. Because they believe that the most of skill can be gained by performing them again and again and attitude is something which cannot be changed normally. It is an internal thing. One’s attitude is reflected in behavior. In their opinion a perfect candidate would have both of good attitude and excellent skill, a candidate with a better attitude fits well into the company. On the training period to earn the skill doesn’t take much time.

Referral program

The current employees of corporate office are base of the business of company. The employees have friends, companions in the same field. Design policies will allow them to refer experienced candidates. Therefore, the referral program is a hidden policy in recruitment as there is no advertisement. The whole matter will remain between company and employee.

Online interview policy

The recruiters who can’t visit the campus offer online interview. Sitting in front of laptop or desktop they throw questions and you have to impress them with your answer to get the job. This policy is pretty good because there is no trouble of transport. In William Almonte ’s opinion when the online interview process is running, it will be quick and fast.

Unpaid internships

A group of candidates are trained under supervision of experienced staffs of the company. The intern is not certainly permitted to a job at the end of the internship. The recruiters offer the training descends no immediate benefits. No money is paid in that time period. But candidates learn a lot of thing in that environment. Their skill is enhanced. Thus corporate recruiters train a candidate before joining job.

These are the policies used by corporate recruiters. The selection stages are taken according to requirement of role through many stages. Recruiters always inform the candidates whom they decide to reject. The one, who will be selected, is informed by HR formally.
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