William Almonte – Managing Recruits Without Recruitment Software

In the present day, the way of management has been changed. It has been seen that the way managers used to select the candidate; the process has not been utilized by the managers in the present day. There used to the software through the resume of the interviewer has been verified and then if the criteria and the credentials matched they used to call the interviewee. But this process has been found to be the worst one. Companies found that they have lost many more talents that have been needed by them for their company. This process now therefore rejected.

William Almonte - Managing Recruits Without Recruitment Software

A look into the new process

According to William Almonte, the new process has paved a new way that has been helping both the recruiters and the people who want to join the company according to the advertising. In this new process, the recruiting cell of the company used to get through the resume of the person who has applied for the job. After getting through the resume, they used to call the candidate and then take the interview. This new recruitment process has brought a new phase in the recruitment process which the company and the people have been missing all through these years.

Is this process relevant?

As of the present situation companies used to lookout those people who have the ability to handle the war footing situations. This finding is really very tough when the recruiter goes for the software based recruitment based method. In the software based method, it is really tough for the recruiters to judge whether the people are capable or not. So according to William Almonte whenever a company is hiring anyone the main thing that the company must keep in mind is going to that person directly. This way, therefore, can be told as the best policy of the present day in the recruitment process.

The time taken is a little bit more

What in the software the recruiters found many times found to be a non-appreciable one. Yes of course in the new policy of recruitment the time took a little more but the work is done in the best way. William Almonte who has been a renowned name in the recruitment cell has been recommending this idea and also has a great admirer of this idea. According to this man, time is not the factor; the main factor that the companies must look into is the selection of the right person for the benefit of the enterprise.

If the businesses that have their cell of recruitment follow this process then for sure, they will get the cherry out of the cream which has been their need. It will also help the company to flourish as the people whom they have been appointed has the knowledge and that the recruiter must get into during the process of formal conversation. The agencies that have been working with the recruitment agencies for the conglomerates must use this process so that they serve the company the best.