William Almonte – The Art And Science Of Retaining Skilled Employees

Employee retention is the major goal today in the global corporate world. All the efforts and grueling tasks of hiring qualified employees become futile if they do not sustain in the organization. After all, it is as important as scanning through many candidates before finalizing on the few particular ones at the interview level. But retention of employees is not a very easy task one can take granted for. It does need extensive planning and smart built up strategies to execute and ensure the success months after months on a consecutive basis. Because a company cannot afford to lose out on dynamic employees who are the banking pillars.

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The General Scenarios:

As per renowned business recruiter Mr. William Almonte, before implementing employee retention strategy, it should concern about all the possibilities that could probably be the reason of moving out for an employee. It is a basic human tendency of always looking out for better options. This is the case for employees as well after they are accustomed to the current office scenarios, have been through the highs and predicted the lows of the company shortly, they tend to shift to better opportunities. So, let us chalk out some of the core points of strategy building to retain the employees for the longest run possible:

  • Since recruiting new talented employees are part of the business and also a requirement for the business growth regarding new ventures and volumes. But it is also important to hold onto old employees, as they are not only well trained but also they are fully aware of the functionalities and policies of the company. This is why; they might expose the weakness and strengths of the company to lure the upcoming better chances.
  • There are various reasons which could compel an employee to move out. The HR person in charge has to be careful about being friendly to the staffs as part of the strategy. This could help to make employees be open and talk more candidly if there is any serious reason behind the decision.
  • According to Mr. William Almonte, respecting time, not in the means of official duty hours, but in employee’s life as well is another important factor. If the current organization constantly forces employees to work beyond duty hours, or do not value their personal life, this will result in employees disrespect the job and the company too. Hence, they will be prepping up in mind to shift to a different organization.
  • Appreciating employee’s opinions, on the ground of difficulty or to solve out any emergency crisis would surely motivate them to sustain in the organization. As employees need a recognized post in a well-known company, the company too needs them. So, a constant motivation is a must to make them perform well and also to overcome any hindrances if they are facing any while working.
  • Accessibility of the seniors, their help, and support, integrity, good pay scale in the market, these are all equally important to take into concern when it comes to retaining good employees. The more the organization will take care of the employees the more they are likely to stay and serve better.