William Almonte – How Software Make Hiring Task Easy

In today’s world, software has become imperative in employment industry as well. Now the scenario is recruitment calls or paper CVs are simply ignored. Everything is online based.

Group of multi-ethnic business partners discussing ideas

Go for online advertise in hiring candidates

Many HR managers choose to avoid advertising openings. They try to get new employees from the referral of the old ones. They post it online and get excellent referred candidates.

Some companies utilize online social sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Face book can work miracles. Posts that are promoted are cheaper than traditional advertisement channels. William Almonte is of opinion that the online portals will be a good place to harbor new talent.

Ways for hiring candidates easily

Make a Google form that allows the job seekers to input their details. After submitting the form, the details enter into a worksheet, and that make the process easy. Keep extra space for the applicants to write all the required details that can specify suitability for opening and professional certificates, awards, achievements etc. The form should be easy to fill, comprehensible and easy to compare. Once the application deadline expires share the Google spreadsheet with the rest of company members and ask them to vote in confidentiality. Finally, add the calculated field values to obtain the total grade for each applicant. Then you can shortlist a handful of candidates from a huge variety.

As per William Almonte, mutual enlisted techniques for recruitment are like choosing the right candidate for a right company. The demands of both the candidates and the companies should be in the mind of the recruiter and the qualities and abilities of the candidates should be checked in affair way. The dynamic and capable candidates should get the right chance for a suitable job. The agency should organize the resumes of the candidates for further processing. The employees with their abilities and experiences should be added in the professional database that can help the recruiter to find out a perfect employee from the lot for a job.

A lot of companies are now getting candidates from overseas. Though it is a tedious process, it can get some excellent candidates from foreign countries. In this case, Skype, Google talk etc. which has audio and video chat facilities online can be a great boon. Gone are the days when hiring people from abroad required lengthy and time-consuming mail exchanges. Now emails can do the trick. We cannot life without the internet now and communication with the whole world making it a common ground is its biggest achievement.

This whole thing is very easy and affordable. It makes comprehension of requirements, clearing doubts very easy.

The next very important step is background check of the applicant. This can be done by the company online with confidentiality. Now you can get all the details about past educational, professional and criminal (if any) information over internet

So the software has made recruitment a hugely viable option. Life without the internet for every aspect of our life is just not imaginable anymore and something as crucial as job recruitment is definitely a very important utility of it.