William Almonte – Working With Personnel Counselors and Recruiters

In the global professional spectrum, there are many ways of practicing the same profession. The same profession can be divided into many different segments and methods of executing. Such is the case with recruitment practice as well. Basically, this practice is all about hiring applicants and placing them in various job designations as per opening. This entire task is being executed in several ways.

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We have analyzed the ways of hiring applicants and placing to the position in demand for the client company. After having observed various successful tactics of Mr. William Almonte‘s business for years and jotted down some of them underneath.

Initiative Taken On Your Own:

This is the way when you take the initiative on your own and send your resume to online or offline newspaper job advertisements. Or you may also hand over the C.V. to any career counselor or corporate delegate at any career fair.

Personal Recommendation:

Many a time this happens that, you come across a job opening through your personal contacts of friends or associates or relatives. The person who is referring often gets an extra referral fee or reward by the employer.

Personnel Staffing Agency:

This is a scenario where a recruiter whom you have chosen to assist you personally matches job from the openings received from the client company. Or especially places ads in the newspaper or online to find a suitable job for you. The first main distinction between a personnel counselor with a recruiter is the counselor will not bother you for placing you at another job while you are already active on one, unlike recruiters. Converse to the recruiters, you have to make the first move to the counselors.

According to Mr. William Almonte, the eminent businessman in the field of recruitment, Staffing managers or recruiters do jobs on and off the field. This means they grab job orders from client companies at the same time recruit applicants using personal contacts. Recruiters mostly get their remuneration paid by employers and not the candidates. Though, it is advisable to validate their condition before hiring them.

The Rules of Dealing with Recruiters and Personnel Counselors:

Rule 1:                    

Since the personnel counselors do not make the first move and want you to knock them down, you have to be a little active in this regard. What they basically do is, either they match a suitable job for you that they already are already counting. Otherwise, they will find one as per your specific requirements are given. If the person in charge does not understand the job role or functionality of your current one, then you have to explain properly.

Rule 2:

Usually, recruiters get appointed by an organization to fetch efficient candidates matching with the requirements laid by the company. As the recruiters work under the skin of the business they know well which candidate is worth the effort.

Moreover, both these ways go hand in hand in the recruitment business and should be chosen carefully keeping the purpose in mind.

William Almonte – How To Work With The Recruiters

The market is getting tough day by day; everyone is vying to get the top position while the employment cost is rising up. This is indeed a tough scenario when it comes to the candidate to opt for a new job, or quitting the existing job. The companies are dealing with the torrid situation as well regarding filling up vacancies. It could either be for a newly launched project or the running projects. Since the companies do not have sufficient manpower to provide support for the end to end recruitment process. Here comes the moment of recruiters to enter the field and strike business coordination with both employers and job seekers.

William Almonte - How To Work With The Recruiters

We have given few suggestions over here after studying Mr. William Almonte‘s career moves thoroughly:

Tip 1. Share your C.V. through a reputed bio-data distribution service

So how this service will work in your favor? Well, it requires the candidates to enroll in it, afterward, their resume will be forwarded to a great number of recruiters. Who are specialized in the same field the candidate is looking for a job into. The recruiters will get in touch with the job seeker on their own if they happen to find a suitable match with the latter’s profile. Now, this service might turn out to be a successful professional relationship with one or more recruiters at the same time.

Tip 2. Find out local recruiters on search engine on the same field of yours

As per Mr. William Almonte, the candidates who prefer to work in their forte instead of scattering in multiple job field are likely to find professionals in the same domain. In this scenario, you have to make an effort on your own to get the best professional to land the best job for you. This process makes the job hunting task much easier and short timing.

Tip 3. Explore the professional world connecting through Social Media

Utilize the social media to connect and explore more opportunities. This is the easiest way of coming across a bunch of recruiters and also employers. Make your profile visible mainly on the three popular social sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Through this medium recruiters can reach out to you more easily. It will also help you to build up a rapport with them by having regular communication.

Tip 4.  Share your resume with a specialized organization job board

The benefit of having your c.v. on a specialized organization is fruitful to get you in touch with recruiters who are dealing with your preferable fields. If your preferred domain has an association, it will fasten the process of reaching out to you for the appropriate job. Otherwise, in general, job board, you tend to get stuck in irrelevant jobs and its conversations or procedure which might not fall in favor.

Tip 5. Create a wish list of desired companies

Make a wish list of your desired companies you want to work at, and discuss them with recruiters. Dealing with recruiters will only benefit you to build a healthy relationship with them if the above tips are well executed.

William Almonte – How To Find The Right Recruiter

Recruiter is that term that has been associated with every profession. The recruiter is the person who recruits for the company. But it is a fact that no one knows who the recruiter is and whom he/she is going to recruit. The recruiter has a tight bonding with the company that he/she is recruiting for. The effect of hiring a good recruiter felt a great impact on the company. The recruiter helps in making the growth of the company by recruiting the best and workable job seekers from the market. Therefore the company has to be aware of hiring the good and the best recruiter.

William Almonte - Staff Referral Programs The Key To Succeeding

A company’s growth is in the hands of the recruiter. The recruiter knows the company very well. They know the thick and thin phases of the company. Therefore according to that the recruiter recruits the employees of the company that is in requirement. William Almonte who is one of the greatest recruiter of the world has laid some techniques that the recruiter must follow to get the desired candidate. This will also help the company and the recruiting in their respective growth. These are one of the vital things that one must learn before making a step into the world of recruitment.

A look into the company’s profile

It is found that many recruiters will look for those that are not capable of the company. This type of recruitment makes a false statement of the company in the mind of the candidate that he/she has been called for an interview process. The same things happen in the mind of the company’s top members. This makes a difference between the candidate and the company. Therefore, the foremost thing that the recruiter must follow and know, is the profile of the company. This will help the recruiter to get the desired candidate according to the needs of the company.

Have the best view of the job market

According to William Almonte a recruiter must have the idea of the market. A thorough idea of the job market will help him creating a fair sound of the job that his/her company has been providing for the years. These will help to make the recruiter selecting the right candidate in the right period of time. This will help the company in getting the right position at the right time without any hurdle. The recruiter must get the right candidate and the vice versa. The recruiter must have the fair knowledge and idea of whether the candidate is appropriate for the job or not.

Finding the candidate at the earliest

Many times it is found that a company is not having the great and skilled workers. It is because of the recruiter who has not paid a thorough look into the job market before making a job announcement of the vacant places of the company. The recruiter must know these in advance. He/she must have the idea of when the places of the company are going to be empty. By knowing this the recruiter could easily makes the recruitment in advanced.

William Almonte – What Are The Steps That Recruiters Follow?

To begin the analysis of the primary process of recruiters while hiring new employees, we need first to understand where does the need for recruitment arrive from? It starts from the beginning of the year, as many unemployed people start searching for jobs for quite a long period only to get in the system from the starting month of the New Year. Also, there are other regular employees of any company who look forward to moving out for better opportunities and salary. Here, arises the requirement of recruiting new talented candidates who meet up the needed criteria for the vacant posts.

William Almonte - What Are The Steps That Recruiters Follow

In this regard, there come recruiters who have to go through an extensive process of hiring that needs certain steps to be followed rigorously. Some methods have been extracted from the business technique of Mr. William Almonte, are briefly discussed underneath:

The First Step:

The very first step involves details and laborious task of screening resumes, which comes right after placing ads on various social media and job portals. Thereafter come to the job applications and resumes in bulk. So within a very short span of time, the recruiter has to eyes through the bio-data of the applicants. This is why the curriculum vitae have to be neat and precise containing all information within three pages. Then the recruiter might pay attention to it, only if the first page catches the glance.

It is agreeable with Mr. William Almonte also that resumes should be smartly written in a proper format, avoiding much disorder in fonts and styles. Stating the objectives of the candidates very crisply as per their education, the profile should be given accordingly. The staffing manager will not bother to invest much time on finding their skills. They also tend to trash down CVs if the main purpose is missing or written in a complex way through long sentences.

The Second Step:

Staffing managers have to finish lining up very quickly yet technically. So they only look for relevant information, which involves a balance or relatability between the requirement of the job and the skills of the candidates.

The Third Step:

At this stage of recruitment, the recruiter pays a little more attention to the CVs and look for a close match with the given criteria and the candidate’s experience or particular skill. The recruiter also dumps the major number of irrelevant resumes and keeps only the worthy ones.

The Fourth Step:

Now, this is the stage where candidates are picked up from the shortlisted category and paid a detail attention to their bio-data. The recruiter will focus more the entire resume and would likely to turn pages beyond the first one to explore more about the applicant. Such as past experience, educational background, the domain and companies the candidate has worked for earlier, achievements and non-technical skills if any.

After going through all these steps of recruitment and criteria the company has laid out, selection will be made for the final round of interview eliminating the 95% of applicants.

William Almonte – How Can Improper Recruiting Negatively Impact On Your Business

Any business entrepreneur should not only possess big degrees in his resume but also acquire good business skill and knowledge to run his company. He must know what are the negative traits that can bring his business down to losses. There are several areas where a business can make profit or failure, recruiting comes as one amongst the many other parts of a business organization. So it also has its positive and negative results which make a high impact on the company’s stature in the market financially and reputation wise as well.

Wiliam Almonte Mahwah - Problems Arising From Wrong Recruitment

We have shortened a few negative impact of inappropriate recruiting and discussed below:

  1. According to Mr. William Almonte, the company’s product sale can be affected depending on the recruiting experience of candidates. The results of frustrating candidates bounce back while it comes to buying your product. Hence, a number of people who could have bought your product and recommended it to others also got turned off. Here, you can observe the scale of purchase has come down due to the negative impact you left while interviewing candidates, who might very well be your regular customers. As we all know, customers are considered no less than God, because they are able to bring more profit to you by only sharing their opinion about any brand or its product.
  2. In any revenue based sales job, low performers can impact heavily on your business. If your employees are not up to the mark and do not satisfy your customers, it is surely going reduce the profit. Hiring right candidates for any post has its importance in the way they are performing and presenting the project or any product. Depends on their innovation, skill, and efforts to please the customers the reputation and business both rise up.
  3. As per Mr. William Almonte, an expertise in the recruitment field, another significant impact of a bad recruiting lies on losing out on candidates at any given time. It is a tendency seen and observed in many fields, that employees who lack efficiency, dedication for the job, are not bothered to excel and willing to quit any time. Here, comes the cost involved with each recruitment. The ads placement cost, replacement cost, and more importantly the bearing cost of a vacant position. Since a vacant position will garner no revenue but loss. So the company can neither afford to have a misfit employee nor any vacant position for long, as both will only lead to a deficiency in the bank account.

It is important to grow the awareness of recruitment and the result it brings afterward positive and negative. The productivity, sales, can highly increase solely by proficient and dedicated employees. Those who are eager to serve more and willing to survive are the ones to hold onto. As they can only generate positive customer reviews and build up a good reputation in the market. While on the other hand, the inappropriate employees can ruin the business in many ways.

William Almonte – The Art And Science Of Retaining Skilled Employees

Employee retention is the major goal today in the global corporate world. All the efforts and grueling tasks of hiring qualified employees become futile if they do not sustain in the organization. After all, it is as important as scanning through many candidates before finalizing on the few particular ones at the interview level. But retention of employees is not a very easy task one can take granted for. It does need extensive planning and smart built up strategies to execute and ensure the success months after months on a consecutive basis. Because a company cannot afford to lose out on dynamic employees who are the banking pillars.

Hiring Decisions – When Is the Right Time to Hire - William Almonte

The General Scenarios:

As per renowned business recruiter Mr. William Almonte, before implementing employee retention strategy, it should concern about all the possibilities that could probably be the reason of moving out for an employee. It is a basic human tendency of always looking out for better options. This is the case for employees as well after they are accustomed to the current office scenarios, have been through the highs and predicted the lows of the company shortly, they tend to shift to better opportunities. So, let us chalk out some of the core points of strategy building to retain the employees for the longest run possible:

  • Since recruiting new talented employees are part of the business and also a requirement for the business growth regarding new ventures and volumes. But it is also important to hold onto old employees, as they are not only well trained but also they are fully aware of the functionalities and policies of the company. This is why; they might expose the weakness and strengths of the company to lure the upcoming better chances.
  • There are various reasons which could compel an employee to move out. The HR person in charge has to be careful about being friendly to the staffs as part of the strategy. This could help to make employees be open and talk more candidly if there is any serious reason behind the decision.
  • According to Mr. William Almonte, respecting time, not in the means of official duty hours, but in employee’s life as well is another important factor. If the current organization constantly forces employees to work beyond duty hours, or do not value their personal life, this will result in employees disrespect the job and the company too. Hence, they will be prepping up in mind to shift to a different organization.
  • Appreciating employee’s opinions, on the ground of difficulty or to solve out any emergency crisis would surely motivate them to sustain in the organization. As employees need a recognized post in a well-known company, the company too needs them. So, a constant motivation is a must to make them perform well and also to overcome any hindrances if they are facing any while working.
  • Accessibility of the seniors, their help, and support, integrity, good pay scale in the market, these are all equally important to take into concern when it comes to retaining good employees. The more the organization will take care of the employees the more they are likely to stay and serve better.

William Almonte – How Software Make Hiring Task Easy

In today’s world, software has become imperative in employment industry as well. Now the scenario is recruitment calls or paper CVs are simply ignored. Everything is online based.

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Go for online advertise in hiring candidates

Many HR managers choose to avoid advertising openings. They try to get new employees from the referral of the old ones. They post it online and get excellent referred candidates.

Some companies utilize online social sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Face book can work miracles. Posts that are promoted are cheaper than traditional advertisement channels. William Almonte is of opinion that the online portals will be a good place to harbor new talent.

Ways for hiring candidates easily

Make a Google form that allows the job seekers to input their details. After submitting the form, the details enter into a worksheet, and that make the process easy. Keep extra space for the applicants to write all the required details that can specify suitability for opening and professional certificates, awards, achievements etc. The form should be easy to fill, comprehensible and easy to compare. Once the application deadline expires share the Google spreadsheet with the rest of company members and ask them to vote in confidentiality. Finally, add the calculated field values to obtain the total grade for each applicant. Then you can shortlist a handful of candidates from a huge variety.

As per William Almonte, mutual enlisted techniques for recruitment are like choosing the right candidate for a right company. The demands of both the candidates and the companies should be in the mind of the recruiter and the qualities and abilities of the candidates should be checked in affair way. The dynamic and capable candidates should get the right chance for a suitable job. The agency should organize the resumes of the candidates for further processing. The employees with their abilities and experiences should be added in the professional database that can help the recruiter to find out a perfect employee from the lot for a job.

A lot of companies are now getting candidates from overseas. Though it is a tedious process, it can get some excellent candidates from foreign countries. In this case, Skype, Google talk etc. which has audio and video chat facilities online can be a great boon. Gone are the days when hiring people from abroad required lengthy and time-consuming mail exchanges. Now emails can do the trick. We cannot life without the internet now and communication with the whole world making it a common ground is its biggest achievement.

This whole thing is very easy and affordable. It makes comprehension of requirements, clearing doubts very easy.

The next very important step is background check of the applicant. This can be done by the company online with confidentiality. Now you can get all the details about past educational, professional and criminal (if any) information over internet

So the software has made recruitment a hugely viable option. Life without the internet for every aspect of our life is just not imaginable anymore and something as crucial as job recruitment is definitely a very important utility of it.

William Almonte – How To Select A Reputed Recruiter

The primary key of every recruiter and recruitment agency lies in one simple fact, that is the selection. Selection is crucial for recruitment organization, recruiter itself and also business holders. As these trio work in hand in hand. They are internally related to each other for individual growth. It is a very tough job to find a reputed recruitment agency to be associated with for business farms and recruiter as well. This one simple selection can make or break the career or ruin the business of people. Hence, a wise decision must be taken to hire an efficient recruiter or associating with a proficient agency.

William Almonte - How to select a reputed recruiter

Business organizations who subcontract their venture with recruitment agencies to hire candidates in order to fill up the vacancy for concerned projects should be very careful about reputation, work process, policies of both the organization. This is advisable to job applicants also who can come across a variety of jobs via employment agency as per their individual choices, skills, qualification and suitability. A few insightful inputs are taken from the experience of Mr. William Almonte, the eminent industrialist from New Jersey have been discussed below.

Ensure the requirements of employment:

When a company runs multiple projects, then it becomes essential for the HR manager who is in charge of hiring people for a specific requirement to go through an extensive process of screening candidates. The main concern of HR manager is always to get the best employees suitable for the company and who can meet the desired criteria, be it a temporary or permanent or even contractual based employment, keeping the company’s need in mind. Here recruitment agencies play a vital role in order to get a handful of expertise to the HR who fit in the company’s conditions. Therefore the HR should be connected with reputed agencies who are known to provide the best service to their clients.

Always choose the expert in the field:

When a company declares specifically its budget, job criteria, and other important conditions of a particular domain, it is a mission for the HR manager to get the appropriate candidate for the business. So before assigning any consultancy having worked in various sectors, It is advisable to opt for the one who has experienced in staffing for a specific domain and have earned accolades from its clients over the years. Because working in a particular domain has given the agency profound knowledge about its requirement of employees.

In today’s web-oriented market it has become much easier and hassles free search for people who are assigned for staffing management, to get hold of a bunch of consultant agencies across the world. Even as per their preferred location geographically by search engines. Reviewing their web page and getting information about their expert domain, client history, and experience in the market makes you draw an immediate impression of the agency whether to appoint them or not.

Review the background thoroughly

As per Mr. William Almonte gathering meaty information about the employment agency and its reputation in the market, professionalism, client details and (their feedback) if possible; to verify the authenticity of their claim of having fulfilled its client needs in the past can be highly favorable for the company. While inquiring about all these it will be easier to figure out which domain they have especially got experience in, and whether to assign them to execute your project or not. Before getting into legal agreement with consulting agencies, it is better to validate their legal status, practices, knowledge in the recruitment industry through your other source of references.

HR manager should be careful in these cautionary areas of hiring any consultant agency, involving cost and time of the company. These are two most vital factors to take into account while having handful options of recruitment organizations. Getting the best and efficient agency along with negotiating cost is a very significant part of a staffing manager’s job. Which might take the company up or down followed by its consequences, hence, one should not consider any offer or claim just for the sake of cost cutting.

William Almonte – How To Select The Best Job Placement Agency

You’ve as of now considered the advantages of utilizing a staffing firm to meet your organization’s workforce needs as opposed to endeavoring to contract representatives all alone. Be that as it may, how would you pick the preferred staffing firm? Aren’t they all essentially indistinguishable? In a word, no. It’s actual that whether you call them staffing firms, work offices, staffing offices, enrollment specialists or pursuit firms, they all satisfy a similar fundamental capacity: They discover work possibility for customer businesses. Their ability to help you can differ, be that as it may, and you have to visit an office before settling on your decision entirely

William Almonte - How To Select The Best Job Placement Agency

As per William Almonte, expert recruiter, before you decide on a staffing organization, dependably autonomously check its notoriety. It’s simple for a staffing firm to state they’re the best, yet would they be able to back it up? To interface with top competitors, you’ll require a staffing firm that has been doing business sufficiently long to create affinity with and regard from top organizations and pioneers in your industry. Those are the teams that pull in the most talented competitors.

How to decide the proper agency or firm?

Working with a settled office additionally gives you an “in the background” advantage: Recruiters who are sure they’re working for a steady organization won’t feel the weight to make an arrangement just to keep the staffing firm above water. They in this way will probably set aside the opportunity to locate the best possibility for your business.

According to William Almonte, first start with considering the staffing company’s scope. On the off chance that you feel you’ve actually tapped your nearby market for the true competitor and come up dry, you might be shocked at what a staffing firm can do. The best firms have admittance to applicants you don’t. This incorporates experts who might not have seen your employment posting — or potential competitors who aren’t efficiently searching for another occupation yet are interested in the right open door.

Additionally, consider whether the organization has a substantial national and worldwide system. Regardless of the possibility that your business does not have to enlist outside of your neighborhood this time, it may later on. Working with a firm that has worldwide reach, can guarantee your business can get to gifted ability rapidly as it ventures into new markets.

When to Use a Recruiting Firm?

At the point when does it bode well to utilize a hunting business or enrollment specialist to help with your pursuit of employment? If you appear to be trapped in an endless cycle and you are not getting calls for meetings, it can bode well to utilize an enrollment specialist to widen your pursuit of employment. It can likewise bode well on the off chance that you are in an unusual state position since those employments are not promoted, or in an industry that regularly utilizes firms to fill opening. Seek firms have contacts in ventures and at organizations that you won’t know about. They can showcase your resume and give you a new introduction to potential managers. Talent scouts spend their working hours searching for business openings. That is time exploring companies that you won’t need to pay.

A few bosses are inspired by applicants who are spoken to by enrollment specialists. Moreover, you will have an expert speaking to your capabilities to the organization. The talent scout can likewise help you arrange a paid bundle.

William Almonte – How can An Organization Save Funds By Hiring A Recruiting Agency?

Hiring new workers is tedious and costly. These costs increase when your hiring department makes a wrong hire. Recruitment organizations can spare you time and cost in the long run. What’s more, on the off chance that you pick a firm that has some expertise in the field where you’re searching for job opportunities. Hiring organizations can likewise build your chance of getting the correct employee that also on the primary attempt. Here’s the way:

Are You Prepared To Pass A Challenging Interview5

Spare time in the employing procedure

As per William Almonte, expert recruiter, it’s conceivable an incredible potential worker may never go over your occupation posting. The best enrollment organizations have wide systems and keep the resumes of a large number of talented experts on record. That is the reason, after observing your requirements for a position agencies can get you connected to the correct fit that you will never be able to find on your try. They additionally spare some applications of qualified employees.

Apart from searching out your ideal candidate any hiring agency will handle the most tedious parts of the employment procedure, including the meeting scheduling, abilities of testing and doing the reference checks. What’s more recruitment experts give their workday in discovering staffing arrangements? On the off chance that you go only it, the pursuit of employment can continue just as quick as your timetable permits. With you utilize a hiring organization; you don’t need to remove profitable time from your core duties until you are getting top notch candidates for your business.

Reduction in turnover costs

According to William Almonte a poor-performing worker consume about 17% of a director’s time — almost one misused day per week. And if you are thinking about replacing the problematic member the time it will take to catch and train some new employ will result to even more loss.

Staffing agencies will help in reducing the cost of selecting process of candidates before you appoint them and eradicate your bad hiring incidents. Hiring agencies have functioned with an applicant on a provisional or review basis before, giving recruitment experts a decent idea whether the latent worker will be capable of achieving the standards of the office culture.

Eradicate straight acquisition and hiring costs

Staffing services cut your expenditures by executing pre-employment assessments for you. They go through a lot of the research that can drain your financial plan. These expenditures can harm the economic standard of a small or midsize institution with a constricted financial plan, restricted workforce and restricted human resources provision.

Hiring agencies also often deals their applicants in access to a multiple of assets and hiring occasions so they can endure improving their talents, advance efficient work skills, can study field-specific guidelines and can be with in line with the technological advancements. This training process guarantees you to get a capable worker with a wide-reaching skill set and special business knowledge.

Staffing agencies can help employees in reducing overtime

Staffing experts have an assorted list of candidates who have the ability to set you required skill to fill the gaps in your organization, which disposes of the cost of paying extra time to your full-time staff and refrains you from wearing out your most significant staffs.